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I got into rallyeing waaaaay back in high school (which is a pretty common time to get hooked). I don't remember what the first rallye I ran was, except I know I navigated 'cause I didn't have my drivers license yet. I ran rallyes very regularly through 1991, at which point my rallye partner (an interesting character named Steve King) moved to Florida to continue his studies in meterology.

I ran a couple of rallyes solo, did miserably and didn't have much fun, so I stopped for a while. When I was working at Lynx Real-Time Systems (now LynuxWorks), I mentioned rallyeing to one of the guys I worked with (Randy Hendry). We got up to nibbling on the edges of Master Expert as a team, though neither of us would come anywhere near that running with other partners. We ran together through several job changes each, until he got transferred to Atlanta.

But at that point, I didn't need to take a break—I just drafted Nancy. She and I have been running ever since, almost but not quite making it to ME again.

When TRC went on hiatus briefly around the turn of the millennium, I helped bring it back, and have been involved with the club operations since. After a two-year stint as Club Secretary, I served as Treasurer through 2007, as well as equipment manager and printing operations. I finally pawned off membership chair on Teresa.

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