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How does a RM give TRC E-mail the address(es) to which should be redirected? Mail to Steve Watt?

When should this appear in the timeline? Around the same time as the flyer?
-- Dean 22:04, 14 June 2010 (UTC)

Events Mailing List

Under "After the Rallye," there currently is a bullet

  • Give scoresheets to Membership Chair "

But there has been talk (with Teresa and Cris and Dean) that *someone* has to enter the E-mails (and names?) of those (nonmembers?) who want to be notified of TRC events into the TRC mailing list server. The Membership Chair would prefer that RMs did this. Dean would prefer that the Membership Chair or someone else did it, so it gets done right and so we aren't expecting more of RMs than we have to. (It is difficult enough to find volunteer RMs.)

Teresa said: If the rallyist is not already entered into the DB, he list server will then email the rallyists and confirm if they want to enroll, at which time they finalize the registration. If they are already in the DB, then nothing is done. However, this means that we do need to put the names of all rallyists into the list server after a rallye (unless we know that they are already there), but, it does ensure that our emails get a broad reach.

Here is the link that I used:

Entering emails into the list server is best done after updating Nick's DB and probably should be done by the RM. I am willing to help out in the future if I can get the scoresheets.

And in later E-mail, she reminded us: Darin designed and sent out the new scoresheet top that everyone should be using for rallyes.

Steve further clarified: People who circle the "events" list are not subscribed to the list. They receive an invitation to the list. They need to take affirmative action (clicking on a link) to complete the subscription process.


There's a very efficient administrator-only "bulk invitations" mechanism. Just send me all of the email addresses, one per line, I can cut-and-paste them into a single window and it'll automatically cull duplicates and invite only new addresses. It's extremely low-maintenance for me, and I don't mind that.

Dean believes that rallyists who did not opt-in (i.e., who were given a choice to request event announcement E-mail and turned it down) should not be sent an E-mail asking if they would like to be added. They were asked, and they answered. And rallyists absolutely should not get such an invitation after every rallye.
-- Dean 11:56, 26 August 2008 (PDT)

Score Sheet Routing

The score sheets (I like two words) are currently routed:

  • to the RM at the end of the rallye for scoring and preparing results;
  • sometimes to the Treasurer or someone with access to TRC's database, to enter new nonmember names into the TRC database (primarily for snail mail);
  • to the Membership Chair for championship standings; and then
  • to the Treasurer for long-term storage, though this has not been done methodically in the past.

It takes at least a month for this trip, and often score sheets have been forgotten or tossed before completing their journey.
-- Dean 11:56, 26 August 2008 (PDT)

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