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This started as Dean's notes to himself, but are now instructions for future Treasurers. Registration instructions have been moved to a separate page.


Before A Rallye

Determine if you will be Rallye Registrar or someone else will. Provide the registrar with everything they'll need at the rallye (this section and next).

Make a sign with the names of those who have not picked up previous rallye awards. (Also have a list of which names earned which awards. This is typically the rallye results, with those that have not been picked up highlighted.)

After the PayPal registration cut-off (negotiate with the webmaster), get the list of those who paid by PayPal, with amounts/purpose (and the E-mail address of those who paid, to double-check).

Fill in Event, Location, and Dates on several (6?) adult insurance waiver forms. The Registrar must sign the bottom and put their initials and date on each signature line. Put several of these forms on a clipboard, to allow signing in parallel using the clipboard and the pad.

Also prep 2 or 3 minor waivers; note that parents and witness need to sign both sides.

Bring or Send Cash Box to Each Rallye

  • Cash Box contains change and various "free rallye" coupons:
    • We normally have $75 change: $65 in $5 bills and $10 in $1 coins.
    • For the membership rallye, we should also have $50 in $10 bills, to help make change from $40 for $25 memberships (or $30 associate memberships).
    • TRC business cards.
    • Window Decals and "Free First Rallye" cards to be offered to those joining or renewing membership.
  • The detailed list of those who paid by PayPal.

Note: Coupons to give the RM a free rallye in the future (unless revenue sharing) now live in the finish box instead.

At the Rallye Finish

Someone now sells a couple things at the finish. This is usually the Treasurer, if he is there, but is otherwise the Registrar or a delegate. The finish box should have a sign listing prices. Post it near the person selling.

  • An extra registration packet and extra critique are together $1 (until they are gone).
  • An extra par plaque (keepsake magnet) is $.50 and can usually be assembled from artwork and sticky magnet.
  • Extra par plaque artwork without a magnet is free.
  • Feel free to require exact change, if the start box doesn't have 50 cents change.
  • Get (at least) the cash box and cash from the Registrar.

After A Rallye

Use the "Rallye Reconciliation Form" to assure the $ from the rallye match what is expected (counts, $, PayPal, Checks). Endorse checks with the TRC stamp, prepare a bank deposit.

Send E-mail asking RM (and workers) to submit amounts to be reimbursed (with receipts). Ask RM to bring score sheets to the meeting (to be filed).

Make bank deposit (in person or via night depository). Enter Cash Revenue, PayPal rallye payments, and Bank Deposit into Quicken (Start Box account).

Enter Membership Applications from rallye into Membership DB. (It is common for someone to have run a rallye with others and have a "joint record" but to be joining without paying an associate fee. In this case, the record needs to be "split" before updating.)

Assure that Minor Waivers include the description/location and date at the top of both sides, and that the registrar signed and printed as Witness at the bottom of both sides.

File Minor Waivers and Adult Waiver pages in TRC's filing box.

Before the Next Board Meeting

Rallye Report

Update Rallye Report Rallyes\Reports\YYYY_rallyes (there's a tab for each month) with counts and $ from "Rallye Reconciliation Form". Double check that the off-page references go to the correct cell on the correct sheet.

Pay Upcoming Expenses


After reimbursement is requested and after any rallye-erected signs are down and results are published, pay requested Rallye Reimbursements via check or PayPal and enter them into Quicken. Beware of a potential disparity when printing expenses (if reimbursed at a fractional penny per page) are entered into the rallye report and treasurer's report in OpenOffice and in Quicken. Quicken rounds each expense (e.g., each line of a split) up to the nearest penny. OpenOffice can add fractional cents and round the sum for display. These can differ by a very few cents. It is best to explicitly round calculations in Quicken (first up, then down, alternating).


Write the next month's Insurance Check. (The amount may increase annually, now in January.) As an example, we normally write a check for September's rallye's insurance on August 1 and either bring it to the Insurance Chair at the August rallye or mail it to him. This way, it can be remailed to the insurance company (with an event form, presumably), received, and acknowledged before the September rallye.

Debit Card

We now have a B of A debit card that the Award Chair can use to pay for online or in-store purchase of awards (or supplies for participation plaques).
A. The treasurer logs into the B of A web site for our account,

  1. Selects Help & Support (top right) → Checking & Savings → Activate your card & set spending limits.
  2. Raises the limit (e.g., to $75).
  3. Verification requires detailed information about the debit card.

B. The awards chair makes the purchase and notifies the treasurer.
C. The treasurer reduces the limit to the minimum ($1, not $0) using steps like in A.


Get the PayPal Balance and recent activity. Reconcile with Quicken.

Get the Bank of America balance and recent activity. Reconcile with Quicken.

Treasurer Reports

Rallye Report

The Treasurer should produce a report for each rallye giving its revenue, expenses (if known by the cutoff), YTD coupons redeemed, and YTD income percentage from members and nonmembers (because our nonmember income should be no more than 35%).

Monthly Report

Update Rallyes\Reports\YYYY_report sheet for the month

  • dates
  • name of rallye (if any)
  • Starting balance is last month's ending balance
  • Current Account Balances
  • This month's income and expenses
  • (Verify that Ending Balance equals Total in all Accounts)

Comparison to Budget

This is more difficult than it should be. The problem is that Quicken insists that the budget is for calendar months (e.g., 1/1 through 1/31). But we really run the budget from one business meeting to (just before) the next (e.g., 1/18 to 2/16). These are essentially the same if we get no PayPal payments in the last half of the month (or we enter them as of the first of the next month), and if we write no checks and make no PayPal payments during this time. You can ask Quicken to report from arbitrary dates, but then it takes each month's budget, and prorates them by days, rather than applying the "February" budget from 1/18 to 2/16.

We report on the spreadsheet our spending from mid-month to mid-month, but it is best if there are no payments after the report cutoff until the next month, so Quicken can display calendar month spending and budget.

Open the YYYY_budget_report spreadsheet. Copy last month's Report to the next sheet and rename it for this month. Update ReportDate to the closing date (typically the Saturday before the business meeting). Assure the "empty space" to the right of printing area is empty, ready for pasting new data.

In Quicken, View the "TRC Budget Month" and "TRC Budget YTD" reports (Reports->My Saved Reports). Update the Budget YTD report's "custom dates" to terminate at the end of the current month. In each report, "Export Data"->"Copy report to clipboard" in Quicken, and then paste it into the empty portion of the month's sheet of the YYYY_budget_report spreadsheet. Then "special copy" (Control/Shift/V) the numbers (only) from there into nicely formatted spreadsheet, being careful to match expense categories, since Quicken omits any category with neither actuals nor budget. Verify that the sums calculated by the spreadsheet (invisible, under the Overall Totals) match the Total Expenses two lines up and likewise for the net incomes.

ASCII Versions

Copy each report from Star/Open Office. Then paste and reformat (in notepad or vim) as plain text. Beware that "hidden" lines are pasted; delete them as part of formatting. Empty cells become tabs, including tabs at end of line, so strip them if they appear as blank lines. To fit onto lines, it can be easiest to start with an earlier month's text report and replace the numbers while keeping the general format.

The budget reports can be copied to the clipboard from Quicken and pasted into a text document. These won't have subcategories with neither actual nor budgeted amounts, but are readable. I shift the INCOME and EXPENSE headings and the TOTALS flush left, replace the Actual/Budget heading, and add footnote references and Treasurer's Notes.

Member Rallye Questionnaires

Before the next business meeting, check all membership applications (new or renewal) for answered questionnaires. If someone is willing to consider working a rallye, they need to be added to the trc-workers mailing list. If they might consider being a RM, bring that to the attention of the board.

Then get the application forms to the Database Chair, probably at the next business meeting, to be entered into TRC's database.

When Rallye Results are Available

Print the results and highlight the names and places of unclaimed awards (in the start or flyer box). Stapling the unclaimed awards bag to the back of the results keeps them together.

When Bank of America's Statement Arrives

Use Quicken's "reconcile" function to tell Quicken which deposits and checks have cleared. Assure that the "Difference" (at bottom right) is $0. There may be little or nothing to do, as it was reconciled with the online statement before the business meeting.

File the statement in TRC's filing box. Twice a year, show the statement and a PayPal statement to the club's Financial Reviewer

Well Before the Next Rallye

Remind the next RM to print extra reg packets (without score sheets).

Assure the start box contains

  • Blank Membership Application forms
  • Insurance waivers ("Rally Release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement")
  • Minor release forms ("Parental Consent, release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement")
  • TRC's clipboards (standard clipboards to use, not double clipboards to sell)
  • "Gimmick Rallye Guide" Books† for beginners

Assure the cash box contains

  • 13 $5 bills and 10 $1 bills or coins ($75 total) for member change. This is probably overkill, but 10 $5 bills was once not enough. For the "membership rallye," also have 5 $10 bills.
  • "free rallye" cards‡ (for members who join or renew, but are already in a paid-for car)
  • "free first rallye" cards‡ (to give to each paid and registered member, including associates, to be given to a first-timer friend)
  • "TRC Business Cards"‡ which contain a map to Larry's and our URL. Give a couple to anyone that wants them, as a form of advertising. (They don't entitle the holder to anything.)

Pass To Next Treasurer

  • Quicken Database
  • Spreadsheets used for rallye, treasurer, and budget reports
  • Source for Unclaimed Awards and Entrance Fees signs
  • Checkbook & Deposit-only card
  • Bank of America and PayPal online access information
    • and lesson in controlling debit card limit (for Awards)
    • Change phone numbers and postal addresses associated with Bank and PayPal accounts.
  • TRC Filing Box (additional checks and deposit slips, stamp to endorse checks, signed waivers, past score sheets, past bank statements, window envelopes)
  • Have redirected.

Filing and Long-term Storage

Insurance Waivers

The signed insurance waivers are legal documents and our insurance company wants the originals preserved for many years:

  • Adult waivers need to be kept for 7 years from the date of the rallye.
  • Minor waivers need to be kept for 7 years after the minor turns 18. It is easiest to save these "forever," stored by rallye date.


Score sheets we should keep for 2 years after there is no unfinished business for that rallye. Bank statements the board (May, 2017) wants saved until until tax ID status is resolved.

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