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First approved November 2007
Updated January, 2009; February, 2010; November, 2013; August, 2014

This Draft
This is a draft that allows us to propose, discuss, and alter the document. The official, approved Operating Procedures are also available.


I. Purpose

A. To establish the rules and procedures that govern TRC. In these procedures, the words “shall” and “must” denote rules that must be followed. The words “should”, “may” and “will” denote procedures that are highly recommended but may be waived by the board.
B. To provide for amendments to the operating procedures.
C. To establish the responsibility of rule enforcement.

II. Adoption and Amendments

A. The method to adopt these operating procedures shall be the same as the method to amend these procedures.
B. To amend these Operating Procedures a 2/3 vote is needed of members present at a General Meeting. All members shall be notified of changes after the meeting in accordance with Section II. E of the club Bylaws.
C. The Operating Procedures are subject to Bylaw regulations. If the bylaws are amended, the operating procedures shall also be updated to reflect the change.
D. Amendments to the operating procedures that violate agreements made by the club or the board must be approved by a majority vote of the members present and a two-thirds vote of the board of directors.
E. All other amendments must be approved by a majority of the members voting in person.

III. Enforcement

A. The board of directors shall be responsible for enforcing the rules herein.
B. If a rule in these procedures is deemed to be unnecessary, the members at a regular meeting shall initiate amendment procedures. Operating Procedures shall not be routinely ignored and left un-amended.
C. Members consistently and deliberately violating the Operating Procedures and Bylaws shall be removed from the club. Such removal shall be in accordance with the Bylaws.

IV. Membership

A. Dues

1. Dues shall be payable annually at the membership rallye.
2. Dues may be modified in accordance with Section III of the Bylaws
3. Dues for the club will be:
a) $25 for each regular voting member
b) $5 for associate voting member

B. The rallye on the first Saturday of February is typically designated as the membership rallye.
C. Memberships expire on the last day of the month during which the membership rallye is held.

V. Meetings

General meetings are currently held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Round Table Pizza at 4400 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose. Changes to the meetings will be posted on the TRC website.

VI. Appointed Positions

A. Duties may be either performed or delegated by the indicated person. If delegated, the final responsibility still lies with the person holding the title.
B. Competition Director

1. To approve an experienced official pre-checker for each rallye.
2. To adjudicate disputes between official pre-checker and rallyemaster.
3. To ensure that all rules of The Rallye Club are followed for each rallye.
4. To observe the protest committee and ensure that protest procedures are followed.

C. Equipment Chairman

1. To account for all TRC rallye equipment its location, storage, condition, and state of repair.
2. To make equipment accessible in accordance with the Bylaws.

D. Publicity Chairman

1. To send rallye information to newspapers.
2. To prepare for mass mailings.
3. To ensure that flyers are produced in a timely manner.

E. Membership Chairman

1. To maintain a database of members so that mailing labels may be printed for mailings.
2. To maintain a data base of previous rallye participants so that mailing labels may be printed for the mass mailings.

F. Webmaster

1. To maintain the TRC web-site
2. To post items submitted

G. Insurance Chair

1. To make sure that insurance forms for each rallye are completed
2. To be the liaison between the insurance company and the board
3. To research better insurance plans

H. Awards Chair

1. To make sure awards and participation plaques are prepared for each rallye
2. To facilitate the creation of all other awards as requested by the board.

I. Financial Reviewer

1. At least twice a year, the Treasurer will provide any necessary materials to
the appointed financial reviewer, who will conduct a review of all club accounts.
The board can ask for additional reviews if needed.
2. Once a review is complete, the reviewer shall report the conclusion to the Board.

VII. Co-sanctioning Rallyes

A. These operating procedures shall bind events co-sponsored with other clubs.
B. TRC will appoint an event chairman to coordinate the event with the co-sponsoring club.
C. Discounts provided to TRC members should be extended to the members of the co-sponsoring club.
D. If conflicts arise between other co-sponsoring clubs and TRC's rules, every effort must be made by the event chairman to resolve the situation.

VIII. Website

A. A TRC website will be maintained with the following items appearing on it:

1. TRC results
2. Calendar of upcoming events from around the area.
3. Minutes of previous TRC meetings
4. Copies of the TRC Operating Procedures, Bylaws and any other rules governing TRC rallyes.
5. Active notifications from the Board, if any
6. Other items deemed necessary by the Board

IX. Sanction

A. Rules

All rallyes sanctioned by TRC must operate in accordance with TRC’s RULES FOR TIMED AND GIMMICK RALLYES

B. Events

1. TRC's goal is to put on:
a) At least one gimmick rallye every month (usually the first Saturday).
b) At least two special events per year. Examples include: Toy Rallye, Monster Mash and Amazing Rallye.
2. TRC may put on other events, such as SCCA Nationals and Divisionals.

C. Insurance

All TRC sponsored & co-sponsored rallyes must have a liability and E&O insurance policy issued for them.
Minimum amounts of the insurance policy will be approved by the Board.

D. Publicity

1. A mass mailing should be sent every three months. Flyers should be sent to all members requesting mailings.

E. Disqualification

1. A contestant may be penalized or disqualified by a unanimous vote of all board members present at the rallye for acts or situations deemed unsportsmanlike.
2. Disqualifications shall be reviewed and may be overturned by the TRC Board at the general meeting following the disqualification.

F. Gimmick Rallyes

1. Classes
a) These are the recommended classes for all rallyists.
The registrar of the event will handle unique situations for class classification.
Situations that could be a reason for class classification include, but are not limited to, running with new team members, haven’t run a rallye in 5+ years, or running solo.
b) The classes are: First Timer, Beginner, Novice, Senior, Expert, and Master.
The most experienced person in the car determines the class for a car.
(1) A contestant shall only compete In First Timer class once.
(2) A contestant shall be a Beginner until they have won 2 First Place awards in class
(3) A contestant shall be a Novice until they have won 3 First Place awards in class
(4) Seniors and Experts move up a class based on ability, as decided by the Competition Director or Board, rather than the number of awards won.
This is done when they are consistently doing well or dominating their class over their last several rallyes.
2. Cost
a) Prices for TRC gimmick rallyes will be determined at a general meeting and advertised on the event's flyer.

G. Timed Rallyes

1. Classes
a) The desired classes are as follows:
(1) Class A: Unlimited Equipment.
(2) Class B: Expert. Won more than 5 timed rallye awards
(3) Class C/Novice: A contestant shall be a Novice until they have won 3 First Place awards in class.
(4) Class D/Beginner: A contestant shall be a Beginner until they have won 2 First Place awards in class.
(5) Class B, C and D are limited to the stock odometer in a stock location with a precision no finer than 0.1 miles.
There is no limit on computational equipment as long as it is not connected to a mileage measuring device.
b) Other class structures may be used if preferred or required for co-sponsoring events.
2. Cost
a) Prices for TRC timed rallyes will be determined at a general meeting and advertised on the event's flyer.

X. Special Non-rallye Events

A. TRC may occasionally sponsor non-rallye events (such as a year-end Christmas party or tour to a sporting event, car show, etc.)
B. If TRC pays for any part of the event, the following apply:

1. Members present at a general, special or annual meeting must approve the amount of money to be provided for the event.
2. The event must be announced at least two weeks prior to the event.
3. The event must be open to all club members. There may be a maximum limit.
4. It is the TRC Board’s responsibility to see that all club members know about the event early enough in advance to make plans to attend.
5. If it is open to the public, TRC members should receive a discount to the event, if there is any fee.
6. If the event is member only, event organizers may allow TRC members to bring one guest at the member rate.

C. If TRC pays for no part of the event, but sponsors it, Section X.B should still be followed, if at all possible.

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