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The Rallye Club of Silicon Valley (TRC) is a non-profit California corporation that presents car rallyes in the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly in Santa Clara county. It was founded in 1980 and has presented more than 300 events. Learn more about the TRC Board Structure and TRC Operations.


TRC Documents

  1. TRC Operating Procedures (PDF version), updated February, 2010
  2. Membership Policy

What We Offer

  • Membership, which is open to anyone with an interest in the sport of car rallyes.
  • Car rallyes of various types, open to the public, with a discount for members. See the Calendar.
  • Consulting for non-profit or corporate team building exercises or celebrations. Contact Bill Jonesi for information.

Email Contacts

You may send email to these addresses:

Mailing Lists

You may add yourself to these mailing lists:

  • TRC-Events: Event announcements only (low volume).
  • TRC-Talk General discussion mailing list. Only subscribers can post messages (keeps the spammers away).

Facebook Group

You may be added to our Facebook group (confirmation normally takes less than a day). Events are normally announced to the Facebook group.

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