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Choosing a Start Location

A good start location will have many of the following characteristics:

  • Easy to direct people to (online and on flyers)
  • Plenty of parking without a lot of competition from others
  • Restrooms available
  • Good lighting if the sun will set before the start closes
  • Shade for workers and rallyists
  • A place for the "beginners class" (chalk talk), ideally in the shade or sheltered from rain.
  • Shelter from rain if rain is possible

Start Locations

The following have been used as start locations for past rallyes since Larry's AutoWorks closed.

Cuesta Park

685 Cuesta Dr. at Grant Rd, Mountain View Large parking lot, accessed from the Miranda entrance. In case of rain, we have used the upstairs balcony. We were asked to notify the manager of the (tennis) pro shop if we want to use the balcony. That is (Sprint, 2018) John Togasaki at 650-346-3107 (or 650-967-5955).

Stevens Creek Round Table

Parking lot behind Stevens Creek Round Table often used as our finish location. This is nice for teams that might meet there and leave a car at the finish for returning home afterward. There is plenty of parking back there, but it has been loud.

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