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This documents the duties of TRC's Registrar. Registrar duty is no longer the responsibility of the Treasurer.


Registration Duty Summary

  • Sign every insurance waiver used.
    • Sign (as witness) and initial (as registrar) every adult waiver page used.
    • Check and sign both sides of the minor's waivers as witness.
  • Assure every rallyist, rider, or worker signs an insurance waiver.
  • Ask rallyists their class and record it on check-in form.
  • Ask rallyists if they are a member (meaning anyone in their car is a member).
    • If they are not a member and not a first-timer, ask if they want to join for free and save money next time they rallye.
    • If they join, offer them one free first rallye card, business cards to spread the news, a window decal (while supplies last), and hard copies of our Bylaws and Operating Procedures.
    • Record their membership status on check-in form
  • Collect money, record the amount on the check-in form (described below).
  • Issue the one full registration packet and one participation plaque per car.
  • Offer extra registration packets for the back seat (now free).
  • Offer paid first timers a Rallye Survival Kit (clipboard and office supplies).
  • Tell all first timers and beginners that there will be a Rallye School (at 4 PM or whenever) at which the paperwork will start to make sense. Encourage them to start reading beforehand.
  • Offer rallyists (free) run sheets for a CM rallye.

Sample TRC Check-in Form

This is a Wiki model of what appears on the TRC Check-in Form for registration use. More specifically, this shows the top of the form's left column and the bottom of its right column. Here, I used boldface to represent the letters on the form that would be circled to select it. The dollar amounts and coupon codes in the $ column are also in boldface, because the registrar writes these in. There is more explanation under the tables.

Car # TRC Member? Class $ or FBR/


1M N JS JA 1 B N S E M $20
3 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M $25
4 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M $25
5 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M F1
7 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M $30
Car # TRC Member? Class $ or FBR/


44 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M
45 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M
46 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M
47 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M
48 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M
49 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M PPM
50 M N JS JA 1 B N S E M $30
Membership Codes: Non-cash/check Entries:
(Put non-car memberships in cars 50 to 40.)

N = Non-TRC-member entry
M = TRC Member entry
JS = Join Standard new/renewal
JA = Join Associate new/renewal

PPM=PayPal TRC Member

PPN=PayPal TRC Nonmember
FE=Member's Free Entry
FBR = Free Beginner Rallye

The "Membership Code Key" immediately above (and also at the bottom of the Check-in Sheet), explains the letters that appear in the table, except for the class codes, and the Last "Key" above shows values that could be hand-written into the $ column.

  • Car #1:
    • M = contained a current Member (i.e., already joined or renewed this year, before this rallye).
    • M = This car also contained a Master Expert, so it is a ME car, even if the others are not.
    • This car paid $20.
  • Car #2: Also a (M) member, E = Class Expert, but instead of paying ($20),
    • RM = redeemed a coupon for a free rallye to thank a rallye master.
  • Car #3:
    • JS = contained someone who either joined the club or renewed their membership. (Be sure to issue the member a “Free First Rallye” card to give away. Explain its use, if they aren’t familiar with it.)
    • S = Class Senior,
    • Payed $25 (cash or check)
  • Car #4:
    • N = contained no member (and no one who wanted to join)
    • B = Beginner class.
    • Payed $25
  • Car #5: Also a (N) Nonmember.
    • 1 = First-timer. Rallyist confirmed that no one in the car ever ran a gimmick car rallye.
    • F1 = Redeemed a “First Rallye Free” coupon. Write name of TRC member who gave them the coupon on the back.
    • A first-timer who pays, rather than using a coupon, is entitled to a free (single) clipboard and/or bag of office supplies. Most rallyists bring what they want. If they only want a pen, give them a stick pen from the start box, rather than a whole bag of office supplies.
  • Car #6: Also a (N) Nonmember. B = Beginner class.
  • FBR = Redeemed a “Welcome to Beginner Class” free rallye card.
  • Car #7:
    • JA = Joined TRC (or renewed) with an associate. Be sure the “Associate” check box is checked on the membership form. (Also be sure to issue the member a “Free First Rallye” card to give away. And offer to explain its use.)
    • Be sure to charge such a member $30. (If they don’t want to pay for the associate, change their membership form to mark a Standard membership.)
    • They get this rallye “free” with their membership.
    • N = Novice class.
  • On the last line of the second column (intended for Car #50), a non-car membership was entered. They may be a RM or worker who is not running the rallye, or may be in a car with someone else that has already paid or redeemed a coupon.
    • JA = Join (or renew) with Associate.
    • Be sure to charge such a member $30.
    • The member should get a rallye “free” with their membership.Be sure to issue them a “Free Rallye” card. (Of course, every membership also comes with a “Free First Rallye” card to give away.)
  • The next non-car membership was entered above it (intended for Car #49). JS = Standard membership. S = Senior class.
    • PPM = Had already paid $25 by PayPal. Since they used the $25 for a membership, they are now a member. We need to keep track of what portion of our income is from members.

Not shown here, the bottom of the Check-in Sheet has spots for tally marks ( / / / ) to indicate miscellaneous sales, such as clipboards. This area also reminds the registrar of prices. Remember that a reasonable number of extra registration packs are now free.

Before A Rallye

TRC's board should determine who will be Rallye Registrar by the business meeting before the rallye. Dean (start box manager) should provide the registrar with everything they'll need at the rallye (this section and next).

A board member may make a sign with the names of those who have not picked up previous rallye awards. (Also have a list of which names earned which awards. This is typically the rallye results, with those that have not been picked up highlighted.)

After the PayPal registration cut-off (negotiate with the webmaster), get the list of those who paid by PayPal, with amounts/purpose (and the E-mail address of those who paid, to double-check).

Fill in Event, Location, and Dates on several (5?) adult insurance waiver forms. The Registrar must sign the bottom and put their initials and date on each signature line. Put several of these forms on a clipboard, to allow signing in parallel using the clipboard and the pad.

Also prep at least 2 minor waivers; note that parents and witness need to sign both sides.

Bring to a Rallye

The Treasurer often brings these items personally:

  • Cash Box (with change and various "free rallye" coupons):
    • We normally have $75 change: $65 in $5 bills and $10 in $1 coins.
    • For the membership rallye, we should also have $50 in $10 bills, to help make change from $40 for $25 memberships (or $30 associate memberships).
    • TRC business cards.
    • Window Decals and "Free First Rallye" cards to be offered to those joining or renewing membership.
    • The detailed list of those who paid by PayPal.

Dean (start box manager) often brings these items:

  • Start box, containing
    • Check-in Sheet (on which to record entrants and sales)
    • insurance waivers--adult and minor varieties,
    • run sheets,
    • signs,
    • pens,
    • clipboards, etc.
  • Flyer box, containing
    • flyers for upcoming events (in the plastic flyer rack) and
    • unclaimed awards
  • TRC's folding table (and a chair or two)
  • A light (for winter months in which it could be dark before registration closes)
  • Box of "TRC garage sale items" we're offering to sell.
  • Your personal rallye equipment, drink or snack, etc.

Registration Set-up At Rallye Start

  • If you have the table and start box, arrive 20 minutes before posted Registration Start Time.
  • Set up TRC's registration table and a chair or two.
  • Post signs near registration table:
    • Entry fee (now normally $20 for TRC Members, $25 for nonmembers)
    • Rallye Classes (i.e., how to tell what class your car is)
    • Ask questions of the Rallyemaster, not the registrar
    • List of things for sale, with prices
    • Sometimes we also post lists of Unclaimed Awards (list of names)
  • Ask someone to determine if Larry's bathroom is available, and erect the bathroom sign, appropriate side out.
  • Set up (on table or within reach, where you won't have to leave the cash box unattended):
    • Insurance Waiver forms (with pens). Registrar signs every page, initials & dates each line.
    • Cash box
    • Check-in Sheet (on which to record entrants and sales)
    • Run sheets (one to three pages free to each car, if the rallye is a CM rallye)
    • Membership forms. Loaning a clipboard to someone filling one out is friendly.
      • Under the membership forms are hard copies of Bylaws and Operating Procedures, if a member wants them.
    • Unclaimed Awards (currently in green plastic "folder" in flyer box)
    • Items for sale (recently: "rallye survival kit", office supplies, backpack; Guide)

Darin (the equipment manager) or the RM will bring the registration packs and extras, participation plaques, checkpoint signs, whiteboard and markers, and any coursemarker to post.

Registrar Duty At A Rallye

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before rallye's posted Start Time. If you have not yet signed the Insurance Waivers, add another 5 minutes so you are ready for initial rush.
  • The Registrar must sign the bottom of each Insurance Waiver form as witness and put their initials and date on each signature line. Do this before rallyists put their initials and use up the witness line.

Insurance Waivers

  • Ask each rallyist to print and sign the insurance waiver, stressing that everyone in the car must sign. (Sometimes "guests" attempt to stay in the car while a rallyist registers.) For the first half of registration period, there should be at least two active waivers with pens, so rallyists can sign simultaneously.
    • The (Adult) insurance waivers are now TWO SIDED. I have prepared both sides of several sheets. Please use ALL LINES of BOTH SIDES of all these sheets BEFORE starting any new sheets. We'd rather store 4 pages than 6 or 8. When both sides of a page is full after the first 45 minutes of registration, take away that pad or clipboard, so all future names go on the same page. Witness (at the bottom) each side you use and do it before some rallyist uses up your line. Your "title" is Registrar, unless you are Vice President or the like.
  • Ask anyone that looks young if they are a minor.
    • For each minor, the annoying minor release form needs to be filled out. Be sure they realize it has two sides.
    • It needs to be signed by the parent on one side, the minor on the other, and the registrar (on both sides as "witness"). Failing to witness both sides is a common registrar error.
  • Rallyists may run a rallye solo or with multiple people in the vehicle.
  • Rallyists may not run a rallye on a motorcycle; our insurance does not cover this.


  • Ask if the car contains a member (sometimes we check the names against the current member list, typically we take their word for it, except right after the "membership rallye"), and record that in the first column on the "Rallye Check-in Sheet".
  • If they are non-members, explain that they could join simply by filling out the membership application. They'll start saving money on their next rallye.
    • Membership isn't truly free, the rallye is; but that makes no difference to the rallyist.
    • If a member is renewing and their address and phone numbers are correct in TRC's database, a half-page form is sufficient.
    • Otherwise, be sure they use a full-page membership form (for readability).

When Accepting a Membership (joining or renewal)

  • Review any membership application:
    • If an "associate member" name is present, the cost is $30 total.
      • The associate member may also run a rallye at the reduced entrance fee (without the member).
      • And the associate member can also vote.
      • But the associate does not get a free rallye in addition to the regular member's one.
    • (Renewals may say "on file" if the address and phone numbers TRC has are still correct. Get a legible name and email address.)
    • The application must be signed.
    • Assure that the E-mail address and phone numbers are legible. (You'd be amazed how bad some are.)
Are they using their free rallye today?
  • Our new forms have a box in the upper right corner for the rallye date and car number. Write them in. (This lets us correlate the memberships to the check-in sheet.)
  • In the unlikely event that anyone joins or renews but is not getting this rallye free, issue the regular member a signed and dated "Free Rallye" card. This can occur if a car with multiple members has one renewing and entering, another only renewing. This can also occur if the rallyemaster or another rallye worker renews, since they are not competing this month.
Membership giveaways and offers
  • Issue a signed and dated "Free First Rallye" coupon to any regular member joining or renewing. Explain that they cannot use it, it is to be given to a first-timer car. (Don't give a second coupon to an associate, however.)
  • Offer a "TRC business card" or two to any members joining or renewing.
  • Offer a paper copy of TRC's Bylaws and Operating Procedures to any member, but mention they are available online; most people don't want extra paper.

Rallye Registration (using Check-in Form)

  • Ask for $. (PayPal registrants will remind you if you don't remember their name.)
  • Ask for their class, and enter that in the second column; some will need help (or need to consult the sign) to determine their class.
  • Issue the next registration packet and one participation plaque.
    (At the finish, any extra magnet par plaques may be purchased for $.50)
  • Double check that the next registration packet you have has the number of the next number on the check-in sheet.

Money and Coupons

We accept cash and checks made to "The Rallye Club" ("TRC" is acceptable, but we prefer The Rallye Club). Record the amount of payment in the $ column of the check-in sheet.

We also accept PayPal payments (made online before rallye day). If a rallyist doesn't bring proof of their PayPal payment, take their word for it, but record their full name, phone number, and email address. This lets us get back to them if there's any issue. Write PPN (for a nonmember) or PPM (for a member) in the $ column of the check-in sheet.

We issue many kinds of coupons and handle them somewhat differently:

Free Entry
These are for members who didn't get a free rallye when they joined or renewed. Write the date on the back, indicating it has been used. Record FE in the $ column.
Free First Rallye
These are issued to members to talk a friend into trying a rallye as a first timer. (That is, the car cannot contain anyone that has done a gimmick rallye before, even if it wasn't a TRC rallye.) Record the name of the first timer on the back. This indicates it has been used. Record F1 in the $ column.
Free Beginner Rallye
These are issued to first timers at the rallye finish. Record the name of the first timer on the card. Write the date on the back, indicating it has been used. Record FBR in the $ column.
These are issued to rallyemasters, to thank them for their work in preparing a rallye. Write the date on the back, indicating it has been used. Record RM in the $ column.


  • We are currently offering to sell "TRC garage sale items" (Rallye Guide, backpack bag, "rallye survival kit," office supply pack). There is a sign with prices for members (even new members) and nonmembers.
  • We have a new batch of double clipboards. (TRC's wiki (editable web site) links to the Saunders web site from which they can be ordered.)
    • We have a signup list of those interested in buying a double clipboard from TRC.
    • These won't be laser etched, but might be otherwise marked with TRC's logo.
    • We will sell them for $12 if plain, $15 if marked with TRC's logo.

Unclaimed Awards

If a rallyist notices that they have an unclaimed award:

  • Find the awards, probably stapled to the back of that rallye's results.
  • Cross their name off the list/sign of unclaimed awards. (Do this on the paper, not on the plastic page protector.)

Or write a note at the bottom of the reconciliation page. Do not to leave the cash box unattended while doing these actions.


  • Offer a "rallye survival kit" (clipboard + office supplies). They are free to paid first time rallye cars. Else, $2.
  • Offer extra copies of the registration packet for the back seat. These are now free!
  • Offer a couple run sheets (free) to any rallyist.
    • They are only needed for CM rallyes, but some rallyists want them for A/B rallyes, too.
  • Do not (ever) leave cash box unattended. Not even for a minute.
  • Collect filled-out forms (e.g., in start box).

At the end of Registration

  • The RM will likely want to know which cars are in each class, to help make the grid to display results. You cannot simply give the RM the check-in sheet, because the treasurer will need it after the rallye to reconcile the cash box and the RM may be too busy to give it to the treasurer.
  • There is a form (probably under the check-in form) on which you can record which cars are in each class for the RM. RMs (esp. if not computer scoring and display) will want this information to help them display the scores on the whiteboard.
  • Assure someone takes all signs from the start (so we're not leaving a mess for Larry's).
    • That includes: registration signs, any sample CM or signs, any SIs posted, and the bathroom sign.
    • Fan-fold the registration signs in a zig-zag.
    • Fold the tape from the registration signs in back of the sign and stick it flat on the back of the lamination or page protector for reuse at the next rallye. Don't stick the tape to other tape; they stick too well to reuse.
    • Assure someone takes the checkpoint sign from the sidewalk.
  • Pack up everything (into your car if you're going to the finish, into the RM's car, or locked into Dean's car, if he left you the key).
  • Keep the cash box (or at least the cash and unclaimed participation plaques) with you to the finish, not unattended in a car.
  • If you take the check-in form to the finish for the RM, be sure to give it to the Treasurer.
  • Put any unused registration packets in the start box.
  • Put any extra par plaques (including those not yet stuck to their magnets) in the cash box, not the start box, so they will go into the finish location (where they can be purchased).

At the Rallye Finish

Someone now sells a couple things at the finish. This is usually the Treasurer, if he is there, but is otherwise the Registrar or a delegate. The finish box should have a sign listing prices. Post it near the person selling.

  • An extra registration packet and extra critique are together $1 (until they are gone).
  • An extra par plaque (keepsake magnet) is $.50 and can usually be assembled from artwork and sticky magnet.
  • Extra par plaque artwork without a magnet is free.
  • Feel free to require exact change, if the cash box didn't come inside (or doesn't have 50 cents of change).
  • Turn over the cash box to the treasurer or a board member.
    • The "Rallye Reconciliation Form" (probably under the check-in form) can be used to assure the $ from the rallye match what is expected (counts, $, PayPal, Checks).
    • If the treasurer is not at the rallye, he can provide the registrar's deposit only ATM card and its PIN, so the registrar or a board member can deposit the rallye funds. If the PIN is written, don't keep it with the card.

Registrar Needs at Rallye Start

  • Start box (insurance waivers, clip boards, signs, tape)
  • Cash box (including $5 bills to make change)
  • Rallye Check-in and Reconciliation Forms
  • Flyer stand and its protective box
  • Flyers for next rallye (at least)
  • Unclaimed awards
  • Folding table and 1 or 2 folding chairs
  • Battery-powered lamp (if it will be dark before registration closes)
  • "Garage sale" items for sale (probably)
  • Member giveaways (if any)
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