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The TRC Wiki policy for article titles is to use Title Case (also called cap/lc).

The following "order of precedence" for cap/lc is adapted from Bugs in Writing by Lyn Dupré:

  1. Do not capitalize words that are never capitalized (e.g., nth).
  2. Capitalize the first and last words.
  3. Capitalize words containing five or more letters.
  4. Do not capitalize prepositions (e.g., on, to, with), articles (a, an, the), or conjunctions (e.g., and, or, but).
  5. Do not capitalize the to in the infinitive form of a verb (e..g, to Be, to Do, to Protest).
  6. Capitalize every word.

Consider each word of a hyphenated word separately, capitalizing (or not capitalizing) it according to the preceding "order of precedence".

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