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Rallye: the longest distance between two points

Giving out Bad Directions since 1981

Providing bad directions since gas cost $1/gallon

Celebrating 30 years of providing bad directions

All the fun of driving around lost, only with deliberately bad directions.

When in doubt, don't bother with these directions

Finding the perspiration in transportation

Putting the fun in dysfunctional

The cluefull leading the clueless

Where turning right may not mean just that

Where you're just a marker away from a wrong turn

When you can't do it right, do it left

Using what's R in our L brain and what's L of our R brain

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the furthest distance is a car rallye.

Car rallyes, legal grounds for divorce in 49 states.

Ask me what a gimmick is.

It's not a race, it's a big puzzle.

Please add your own ideas (or improved variants of these)

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