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Welcome to Your First Gimmick Car Rallye

There are no gimmicks on this page, and it is not specific to this (or any) rallye.

We really enjoy car rallyes, and we hope you do, too.

Read everything, even though some abbreviations and terms may not make any sense until a later section explains them. There is normally a pre-rallye briefing part-way through the registration period. Attending it should "orient you" enough that the instructions make sense.

Ask the Rallye Master (not the registrar accepting money) any questions before you leave the start. Tell the Rallye Master you are a first-timer so they will be extra helpful. Also before leaving the start, we require that everyone in your vehicle sign the club's insurance waiver.

In general, unless you have been instructed to go quite a distance, if you've driven 6 blocks without seeing anything you are looking for, try to go back to where the rallye last made sense last and retry it, looking even more carefully. (Your Rallye Master may suggest a different threashold.)

If that fails, or if you get lost or confused, you can normally call the Rallye Master from the route. Tell the Rallye Master you are a first-timer at the start of the call, so they can be extra helpful.

There are awards at the finish, and you are competing only with your class (the other first-timers), so odds are good that you will win an award if you turn in your score sheet and wait for the awards presentation. If for any reason you decide not to complete the rallye, you must call the Rallye Master to let them know not to wait for you.

After this rallye, you should visit our website, for:

  • A “What's a Gimmick Rallye?” page you can share with others;
  • Our calendar of events, where some of the instructions (not the route) are usually posted a few days before the rallye;
  • A Resources section you may want study before your next rallye, including
    • practice rallyes (of various styles: coursemarker, question/answer, A/B) you can do on a map;
    • the Rallye Guide that explains many types of instructions and potential gimmicks.
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