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Choosing a Finish Location

A good finish location will have many of the following characteristics:

  • Place orders at the counter – so each person or group of people can order and pay separately
  • Various types of food – because not everyone wants the same thing (not even pizza)
  • Open late – to allow at least an hour after the finish closes for protests, announcements, awards, and discussion
  • Good lighting – so people can read the critique
  • Plenty of room – so everyone gets a seat (including normal non-rallyist customers, if we don't have a room/area reserved)
  • Near the rallye's end – because no one likes long final traverses to the finish

Finish Locations

The following have been used as finish locations for past rallyes.

San Jose Round Table Pizza

Jake's of Sunnyvale

Jake's of Saratoga

The Garrett

  • Address: 1777 S Bascom Avenue, Campbell
  • Phone: 408-559-7930
  • URL:
  • Details:
    • Cannot reserve room
    • Can be crowded/noisy, especially for big sporting events

Mountain Mike's Pizza (Campbell)

Mountain Mike's Pizza (Mountain View)

Armadillo Willy's BBQ

Giovanni's New York Pizzaria

  • Address: 1127 N Lawrence Expressway at lakehaven
  • Phone: (408) 734-4221
  • URL:
  • Details:
    • There is a reserveable side room with long tables.
    • Tell them we expect 50 people, so they won't seat others in this side room.
    • Waiters take orders and deliver food, so a tip is expected.
    • Open Saturdays until 9:30 PM.

Closed Locations

  • Pizza Depot, Sunnyvale (2015)
  • The Boardwalk, Los Altos (2014)
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