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Dean has the source for TRC's Gimmick Rallye Guide. This is a page for suggestions of things to improve (add, remove, clarify, etc.).

Think about what you wanted to know when you started rallying. Also tell me about anything you didn't understand after reading it in the Guide.

Current Release

The current Gimmick Rallye Guide release is File:CMABGuide 3.2 2012-08-29 full.pdf. You can print it as a brochure (13 duplex sheets) using Acrobat Reader's Print options.

Changes to Discuss or Consider


The Onto figures (3.5 page 26, 3.2 page 14) are a little rough.

Changes Made in 3.5 Edition (from 3.2 Ed.)

Dean updated the format to 5½ × 8½ inches (8½ × 11 inch pages are folded) to 7 × 8½ inches (8½ × 14 inches folded) to make room and switched to the serifed New Times Roman font for body text.

Removed "Uniques" (anagrams) section, adding anagrams as a possible Monster effect.

Added a subsection under Generals about Definitions. Moved Coursemarker and AB sections after Route introduction. Made RI 1 its own section.

Added additional definitions to the glossary.

Changes Made in 3.2 Edition (from 3.1 Ed.)

Dean added sections on A-B rallyes, Forced Turns, Driving the Route (a small section about ignoring other rallyists), and a Rallye Checklist. I also made many additions to the glossary. And I edited various text for brefity or clarity. Dean

Changes Made in 3.1 Edition (from Third Ed.)

TRC Club Info

The back page of the CM Guide has info on the club that is easily outdated:

  • membership fees
  • starting location
  • start, class, and finish times
  • business meeting day, time, and location

Dean is correcting most of this (and removing the rest). Readers should use the web page to get current information. Access to the World Wide Web is much more ubiquitous than it was 5 years or more ago, when the Guide was last updated.

Replaced "School Rallye"?

Dean replaced the "School Rallye" near the end of the Rallye Guide, primarily because the expert gimmick where you are ONTO but not physically on the road with that name is more difficult to grasp than it needs to be. The concept of an RI being completed twice -- once by execution and once by deletion -- is important, but need not be handcuffed to this odd ONTO form. Dean used TRC's current "School Rallye" instead. Darin made it easy, so I did this for February's rallye. Except I kept the old score sheet, because it was far easier.

I agree. IME, completing the RI a second time when CRI deletes it is already an advanced gimmick. Further complicating this gimmick by putting them "onto" when they are not actually on the named road is an unnecessary complication in a normal rallye, and is really overkill in a school rallye.
- Darin McGrew 20:43, 11 January 2010 (UTC)

Rallye Terms

Dean beefed up the Guide's definitions (at the back). It is now 2 pages. Differentiate "At," "After," "On," and "Onto" (was already there). Deleted "Giz" for "Gimmick." Added several terms that were defined earlier in the Guide, such as "Critique," and a few issues I couldn't find a better place to discuss (parentheses and quotation marks).

Things to Bring to Rallye

Dean did add to the back cover (under Usual Rallye Start) things to bring to a rallye. The back is a little cramped now.

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