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For years, I frequently rotated the others with whom I rallye, even letting first timers be my driver, while I navigated, often from the back seat. (OK, I do not usually win this way, but I still have fun.) Rallying is not my wife's cup of tea, but my daughter has come along on many when she was a teen.

I have known and worked with Darin for maybe 20 years and started rallying with him in 2001. I was rallyemaster (along with Darin) for a rethrow of an old rallye in August 2006 (which I called "Summertime Blues"). I also dusted off and rethrew an old Monster Mash for October, 2007 and rewrote and rethrew "A-B Sea Voyage" in August, 2010.

I rescued the 2013 "Amazing Rallye" when the RM couldn't fulfill his commitment. It was too long in both time and distant, and arguably too difficult, but was successful. I handed out frosted sugar cookies at the CP; two were stacked in a plastic bag. On the bottom of the top cookie, sandwiched between them, was an instruction, written in edible marker!

I also helped John Kleder greatly with "The A-Team Returns Again" in 2013.

Since 2008 (except for 2013), I have been TRC's Treasurer, but no longer always work the registration desk, taking money. 2007 was my first year as a TRC board member.

I edited TRC's Gimmick Rallye Guide in 2010 and 2012.

My primary strength is that I write things down and check back on them. I'm also adept at proofreading. (I'd be happy to proofread preliminary general instructions, as long as I'm not disqualified from competing in your rallye. Contact me at Dean's E-mail_form.)

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