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Should the following go in the Glossary or do you want a seperate page for equipment?
Should the following go in the Glossary or do you want a seperate page for equipment? I probably have pictures of all these if someone wants to really spif it up.
'''* - Still available new'''
'''* - Still available new'''

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Should the following go in the Glossary or do you want a seperate page for equipment? I probably have pictures of all these if someone wants to really spif it up.

* - Still available new

A-Box - Fully integrated rallye computer with clock, adjustable odometer, & calculations.

Accutech MC-1 - '70s Monte Carlo rallye count-down clock.

Aifab Gemini Trip-Counter - '60-70s single, double & triple hundredths mechanical odometers.

  • Alfa (Small Systems Specialists) - Mike Friedman - Rallye computers, odometers and clocks.

Alfa Checkpoint clock. '80s/'00s hundredths digital Clocks with memory. Alfa TSD & Elite - '80s/'00s electronic rallye computers. Alfa 2, & Pro - '80s/'00s electronic B/Pro-boxes. Alfa EZ-Pulse drive - '90s/'00s road wheel mounted odometer pickup through hubcap center.

Alpina Universal Calculator - Early '70s mechanical calculator (8x6x13 digits).

Allstate Sports Events - Allstate's 1960 book of math tables.

Argue Not Book of Average Speeds by Al Wintringham - First book of math tables in 1955.

ARM (Auto Rally Monitor) - Sci-Tek Assoc.'s 1969 triple scale circular slide rule.

Autonav Solid State Computer - Joslin Computer Company's Early '70s electronic rallye computer.

Autopacer Speed System - Early '70s math tables on index cards.

Avion - Stewart Blodgett's late '50s hundredths adjustable (vernier scale +/- 10%) mechanical odometer.

B-Box - Fully integrated rallye device with clock & adjustable odometer, but does no calculations.

Benzing Speed Sport Timer - Late '50s printing checkpoint clock.

Blackwell Calculators Mark I (6"), II (7"), III & IV - British early '50s circular slide rules.

Boen Business Machines Inc., Contex 10, 30 - '60s printing adding machines.

  • Brantz (Brent Communication & Telemetry Consultants) - Geoff Crossland - Pro-boxes, odometers and clocks.

Brantz Laser 3 Precision Tripmeter - '90's/'00s electronic Pro-box.

Brantz Retrotrip 2, Oldtimer, & Survey Master Precision Odometer - '90s/'00s odometers.

CCS (Custom Control Systems) 3300 & 3400 - Fred Winter's '70s Monte Carlo rallye count-down rallye clocks.

Catbox Mk1 (.01) & Mk2 (.001) - Michael Daily's '90s electronic odometers.

  • Chartlite - aircraft cockpit lights.

Chronar Systems - Ed Rachner - Mac Cornforth's '80s/'90s computers & clocks.

Chronar - T-100 & T-200 clocks. '70s/'80s hundredths digital Clocks with memory.

Chronar Systems Meco - 1980 & 1990 - '70s-'90s electronic rallye computers.

Chrono-Tron Master Timer & Chrono-computer pacer - Digitronics' mid '70s digital clocks.

CHU - Canadian short wave time signal.

Compu-Rally - Jeff Ballinger and Mike Strawbridge. '90s software for laptop computers.

Coralba - Swedish made Pro-boxes & odometers.

Cronus 3-S (split) & 3-T (Taylor sequential) - Intersil Inc's '70s digital stopwatches.

CUR-TA-BLE - Late '50s book of math tables for use with the Curta.

Curta (Pepper-mill) Contina AG - Curt Herzstark's Type I 1947 (8x6x11 digits) & II 1954 (11x6x15 digits) mechanical calculators made until 1972.

Distachron Electronic Compensating Odometer - Early '70s electronic odometer.

DMI (Distance Measuring Instruments) Surveyor - 1975 TI calculator with odometer impute.

  • E-6B Dead Reckoning Computer - Phillip Dalton about 1932 for aviation. Probably first TSD circular slide rule?

EZ Wheel drive - Curt Rich's road wheel mounted odometer pickup with modified lug nuts.

Floyd's Factors - Floyd C Stone's 1960 book of math tables.

GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) - Why no rallye computer is flawless.

  • GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Late '90s mapping, Various companies Garmin, Magellan, etc.
  • Grimes - aircraft cockpit lights.
  • GTI Rally Twin - Replica of Halda Twinmaster.

Gusbox - Gus Gustaffson's early '80s A-Box.

Haldex AB of Sweden - '50s-'80s odometer & computers.

Halda Rally Computer - Mid '80s electronic Pro-box. Halda Speedpilot models I-V - mid '50s early computer with odo hookup. Halda T-gear - Inline tap on speedometer cable. Halda Tripmaster - '60s single hundredths mechanical odometer, adjustable with gear swap. Halda Twinmaster - '60s dual hundredths mechanical odometer, adjustable with gear swap.

  • Hall effect wheel drive - '75-> magnet/sensor odometer pickup, Various companies.

Hartwig Front Wheel Drive - Early '70s odometer pickup

Heuer Time Corp. - Mechanical & digital clocks. Heuer Monte-Carlo, Auto-Rallye, Sebring - Dash mount 1/100 mechanical stop watches. Heuer Autavia, Super Autavia, Master-Time - Dash mount seconds mechanical stop watches. Heuer Microsplit HL 813, 200S, 1011, 1015, & 1035 - electronic digital stop watches. Heuer Autograph - '60s electromechanical printing timer. Heuer/RoBo Rally Computer - Roger Bohl '60s electronic rallye computer.

Helius Odometer - Helius Design's '00s Electronic odometer.

Langwell Odometer - Lloyd Howell's '60s odometer.

Larry Reid's Rally Tables & New Rally Tables - Larry Reid's 1959 & revised 1971 book of tables.

Leo Instruments - LT3000 RallyMaster & LT2000 RallyMate Pro boxes

Librascope - '60s inline odometer calibration box.

Kearfott Precision Rally Computer - Jim Hellen's '58 computer with no odo hookup or clock.

Mahonkin Heavy Industries - Nick Shectman's TSD Lite & TSD Pro - 90's rallye computer software for PalmOS.

Marschalk Rally Speed Figure-Outer - John Marschalk's 1956 8" plastic circular slide rule.

  • Monaco systems - Paul McGaffey's '90s Monte Carlo count-down electronic rallye clock.

Navichron - H-K Assoc. late '50s rallye clock.

  • Opisometer - Gauge for measuring distances on maps.
  • Potti - Illuminated map magnifier.

Pro Box - Fully integrated rallye device with clock & adjustable odometer, does limited calculations.

  • Pro Drive System - Spence Darby's road wheel mounted odometer pickup with three clamps.

Rallecomp Rodon - '70s electronic computer, odometers, & clocks.

Rally Cruise Controller Sports Instruments Corp.'s late '50s 9x12" nomogram.

Rally Master - Mohawk Assoc.'s mid '50s circular slide rule.

Rally Navigator - a clock with speeds on a helical curve from 1954.

Rally Tally Time Tables - '70s book of math tables.

Rally Tyme - Wes Tek's early '90s hundredths digital Clock with memory.

Rally-Mate Computer - RallySport '90s circular slide rule.

Rally-Verter - '50s/'60s short wave converter for car radio, to receive WWV.

Rallye Ruler - Bill Callahan's mid '50s circular slide rule.

Rallye Computer Mark I - Sports Car Manuals Co.'s 1961 circular slide rule.

  • Revere Drive - Revere Jones' '90s road wheel mounted odometer pickup through hubcap center.

Robertsbox - Steve Robert's late '80s rallye computer.

  • Romer - Scale & plotting device for British map rallyes.

RSR Rallecomp - Early '70s electronic rallye computer.

Sheetz-Gull rally readout - Early '70s null readout computer add on using Heuer Sebring timer.

  • Slide Rule (slip-stick) - 1800s? Various Companies, Keuffel & Esser, etc.

Stevens Engineering Company - Robert Stevens - 50s-80s odometers, watch holders, reader b oards & wheels. Stevens Single, Dual & Triple Electric Counters - 1956 hundredths electric odometers. Stevens Rally Reader (Reader Board) - '60s Route Instruction holder. Stevens Rally Indicator (Wheel) models 16 (6") & 25 (9") - Late '50s circular slide rule.

Stimson's Rally Factors - Michael J Stimson's 1970 book of math tables.


Taylor TSD Rally Calculator - James E Taylor's '50s 9" circular slide rule.

  • Terratrip Ltd. of England - Rallye computers & pro boxes.

Terratrip 1, 2, 3, 202 & 303 electronic pro boxes. Terratrip ARC & 404 electronic rallye computers.

Thomas Electric Odometer Corrector - '60s odometer calibration box for Tommy Box. Thomas Mark I-XIII Rally Computer (Tommy Box) - Captain Hunley E. Thomas', USN '50s-'60s electronic Rallye computers.

Tibbetts Electronic Rally Navigator - Mid '50s computer no odo hookup.

Timekube by Realistic - Radio Shack's '70s & '80s WWV radio receivers, Series 2 & 3 also receive weather reports.

  • Timewise - Jack Christensen - Rallye computers, odometers and clocks.

Timewise 610, 650 Clocks. '90s/'00s hundredths digital Clocks with memory. Timewise 526B, 538B, & 547B - '80s/'00s electronic B-boxes. Timewise 785A, 796A, 797A, & 798A '80s/'00s electronic rallye computers.

Tomkins Radio Products Tunaverter - 60s WWV Time signal Converter for car radio.

Trophy Maker - Mid '50s Early slide rule.

  • Turbokurta (TI 74 palmtop with custom module) - Marc Goldfarb's '90s calculator.

Veeder-Root - manufacturer of mechanical & electro-mechanical counters.

Whalen AccuraTime - 60s WWV Time signal Converter for car radio.

Whitmore Electronics Co. - Jim Whitmore's 'Mark 1 D' '70s electronic rallye computer.

Woodhenge A-box - Bill Hall's '90s electronic rallye computer.

WWV - National Bureau of Standards short wave time signal broadcasts on 2.5, 5, 10, 15 & 20 mHz.

Zeronics - Bill Gronning - Late '60s to mid 80s Clocks, B-boxes, Pro boxes & Computers Zeron 110, 330, 440, 550, 660, 770, & 880 - '60s/80s electronic rallye computers. Zeron 600, 650, 700, 800TSD, 800PRO & 850 - '70s/'80s electronic B/Pro-boxes. Zeron 55, 66, 77, 80, & 88 - '70s/'80s hundredths digital Clocks with memory.

Zemco ZT-4 - Late '80s hundredths electronic odometer.

Zetachron Pro-miler (ZPM-2) - Mid '70s digital odometers. Zetachron Pro I & II - Mid '70s digital clocks.

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