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When TRC does the printing, it is usually handled by Steve Watt <>. Verify that he will bring the printout to the start or that you (or someone) can pick it up beforehand. If he prints your CMs, you pick them up together.


Standard Rallye Printing

Whoever prints should bring 30 copies of the rallye and critique to the start. Almost all of them will be stapled and numbered, and the last will be unstapled, available for a run up to Office Max if more than 29 cars register.

We now normally print 20 extra registration packets (without scoresheets) to sell for back seat passengers.

See below about coursemarkers and other printing.


If you want to do your own printing on your own paper, TRC will reimburse at $0.05 for a "simplex" sheet with one printed side (typical of registration packets) and $0.09 for a two-sided "duplex" page (typical in a Critique). This is roughly cost for medium-duty laser printers; bulk copiers will be somewhat lower, small printers somewhat higher.

(When we print on TRC-purchased paper, we reimburse half a cent less: $0.045 for a simplex sheet and $0.085 for a duplex page. These rates started in January, 2012. If you print CMs on your 110-pound card stock, we reimburse $0.06 for each sheet, plus the same $0.045 for simplex printing.)


Some RMs have used color in registration packets, CMs, and Critique maps to great effect. If you want to be reimbursed more than the above rates, you need to get board approval beforehand. If this is used for gimmicks, this will "tip your hand."

Dean's place charges (in December, 2011) $0.39 for one-sided color copies in bulk, so maybe less than twice that for two-sided. Most places charge more (about $0.50). Standard ink-jet printing cost depends greatly on how much of the page is colored.

If you are printing in color, one way to keep costs down is to minimize how many pages are color (e.g., only the maps of the Critique and only 30 copies; remaining copies would be gray scale).

Document Transfer to Steve

The easiest way to handle the bulk printing is to E-mail two PDFs to Steve: One with the packet participants get at the start, one with the critique. I can also handle Word 2007 or earlier documents, but there is risk of formatting disagreement when using Office.

Make certain that your PDF creation software embeds any unusual fonts. If you're using any font that doesn't come with a default Windows installation, ask me if I have it.

If you can't create a combined PDF, I can probably do it, but you need to make sure that PDF font subsetting does not occur; again this is dependent on your particular PDF creating software.

Note that if you have special car numbers, colored paper, or other unusual requests, we can often handle them, but do ask more than a day or two ahead.

Minimum margins are 1/4" on the sides and bottom, and about 1/2" on top (though people prefer more, due to clipboards).


Steve can also print your coursemarkers, if you're willing to pick them up. I have a few ideas about how to create coursemarkers. Word format works fine for these, as the formatting is somewhat less challenging.

We now normally print coursemarkers on standard paper, rather than 110-pound card stock. So TRC reimbursement rates are the same as those stated above. You may also be reimbursed for a duplicate set of CMs on standard paper, in case a CM is lost or destroyed.

Checkpoint Slips

When Steve is competing, he normally does not print checkpoint slips. This is because they usually need handling (small slips need to be cut apart), and one cannot perform that handling without seeing/reading them, and no competing rallyist should do so, that just wouldn't be fair.


Please have your files ready by the Wednesday late-afternoon before the rallye (assuming a Saturday rallye). That gives me time to do the test run, and we can iterate if needed to make sure something printable comes out.

Printing for Mailings

We reimburse for mailings (which are generally quarterly, plus a membership election mailing at the end of the year) at the same rate. (See Reimbursement section above.) The mailing labels are reimbursed as well, at $.25 per page if you buy the labels, (standard) $.045 per page if TRC has already bought the labels.

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