Equipment for Timed Rallyes

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The following equipment is useful to those competing in timed rallyes:

class A/E box
a rallye computer
class B/L box
electronic odometer/clock with an adjustable odometer and a clock that can display seconds or hundredths of a minute
impulse unit
a device that provides mileage impulses to an after-market odometer (including a class B/L box or pro box) or rallye computer
after-market odometers used by rallyists are both more precise and more accurate than stock odometers
pro box
electronic odometer/clock designed for performance rallyes. A pro box is similar to a class B/L box, but with limited calculation functions that are restricted to class A/E rallyists in timed rallyes.
rallye computer
a special-purpose computer designed for timed rallyes. Rallye computers may offer multiple independent odometers and clocks, a speedometer, distance/time adjustments, error displays, logging functions, and other features.
reader board (reader box)
a device with a pair of rollers which allow rallye instructions to be displayed in a scrolling manner. The rallye instructions are taped together end-to-end, and then taped to the rollers of the reader board. Most reader boards have a light behind the plastic to illuminate the instructions on night events. Many competitors place a metal rod or rubber band around the center to highlight the current instruction. Placed in the center dash, a reader board allows both driver and navigator to read the current rallye instructions easily.
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