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The following is some of the equipment gimmick rallyists have found useful.

  • clipboard - Many rallists find double clipboard especially useful. Saunders makes a 19"x14½" sketchboard that works very well, or you can cut 1/8" hardboard or acrylic to whatever size you want and attach clips yourself. Each non-driver may want his/her own clipboard. Some rallyists use Velcro on their clipboards and dashboards to keep their clipboards from flying around their cars.
  • pens/pencils - You'll need to take notes and fill out your score sheet.
  • highlighters - Many rallyists find it helpful to use different colors of highlighters to emphasize different things (defined terms, misspellings, etc.).
  • other office supplies - A magnifying glass can make it easier to read the tiny instructions hidden by some rallyemasters. Some rallyists also find it helpful to stock supplies like rulers, rubber bands, small bungee cords, paper clips, binder clips, tape, Velcro, etc.
  • flashlight - A good flashlight can make it easier to read signs at night. However, some street signs have white letters against a retro-reflective background, and extremely bright light can wash out the lettering and make it hard to read.
  • reading light - Your car may have good map lights. If not, a separate LED reading light or LED headlamp can make it easier to read instructions at night. Using a red LED can allow you to read instructions while keeping your night vision for searching for signs. (But beware that red and orange highlighting may disappear if lit by the red LED.)
  • maps - Good street maps are available from AAA and Thomas Guide, and are very helpful for figuring out where the rallye will take you, where you'll encounter key streets, etc.
  • street locator GPS units - know what street you are on and what cross streets are upcoming. Note that street signs don't always match the computer database perfectly, however.
  • Post-it(TM) type sticky notes - can allow you to post on the dashboard the list of landmarks you are watching for. Extra-sticky notes are more likely to last throughout the rallye.
  • Dictionary - Do you know the exact meanings of words not defined in the rallye instructions?
  • California Vehicle Code - Following the CVC is the highest precedence instruction on most rallyes. Do you really know what it says?
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