Equipment for Gimmick Rallyes

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The following is some of the equipment gimmick rallyists have found useful.

  • clipboard - Many rallists find double clipboard especially useful. Saunders makes a 19"x14½" sketchboard that works very well, or you can cut 1/8" hardboard or acrylic to whatever size you want and attach clips yourself.
  • pens/pencils - You'll need to take notes and fill out your score sheet.
  • highlighters - Many rallyists find it helpful to use different colors of highlighters to emphasize different things (defined terms, misspellings, etc.).
  • flashlight - A good flashlight can make it easier to read signs at night. However, some street signs have white letters against a retro-reflective background, and extremely bright light can wash out the lettering and make it hard to read.
  • reading light - Your car may have good map lights. If not, a separate LED reading light or LED headlamp can make it easier to read instructions at night.
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