Awards and Par Plaques for TRC Rallyes

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Rallyemasters can provide their own awards and participation plaques (par plaques), if they so choose. Well before your event, please contact the TRC Treasurer to discuss your budget, and contact the TRC Awards Committee to let them know not to provide our standard awards and/or par plaques for you.

Our standard rallye awards are custom 1-inch pins ordered from Little Awards, and our standard par plaques are business-card size refrigerator magnets. Each team gets one par plaque, and each winning team receives two pins (one for the driver and one for the navigator).

Normally presented awards are now on a separate page.

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As of June, 2009, minimum lead time is

  • 3 weeks ahead for ordering award and/or worker pins
  • 1 week ahead for (3.5" x 2", 300 dpi) Par Plaques.
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