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Next Events
Teresa Stefanisko Memorial
1st Sat, 11/3/2018 - 3:00p
General meeting
2nd Tue, 11/10/2018 - 7:30p
Toy Rallye 2018
1st Sat, 12/1/2018 - 11:00a
General meeting
3rd Tue, 12/18/2018 - 7:30p

Monstah Mash  - October 2, 2004  - Award Winners
1st Master Expert
Michelle and Darin McGrew
1st Expert
Rochelle and Don Bess
1st Senior
Jenny Stave and Waynte Stilwell
1st Novice
Nick Cravotta, Benjamin James, Jeremy, Robert, & Chris
2nd Novice
Carol and David Thislethwaite
1st Beginner
Barbara and Tim Carmen
2nd Beginner
Jeff Chiou and Rita Wood
3rd Beginner
Cathy, Mick, and Jake Clement, and Tomas Bradford
1st First Timer
Christine Gurney and Becky Rogers
2nd First Timer
Steven and Lourdes Koch
3rd First Timer
Steve Haug, Steve Schnur, and Nancy Longacre


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