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Mon Apr 18 18:16:01 PDT 2016

First I would like to thank everyone who ran. As usual  it was a tough 
rallye but there was a 900 & the low score was a 680 which is  a good spread. 
I would like to thank Jean, my wife, who I promised I  would never write a 
rallye again, 8 rallies ago, but I couldn’t help myself. She  helped with 
the rallye itself, worked the check point and went on several drives  with me 
to check signs etc. I want to thank my co rallye master Keith for all  his 
help. He makes putting up cm’s a breeze. I want to thank all my pre  
checkers, Keith, Heather Mellows & Maria, Cris Wendt, Ed & Ray and Steve  Watt. I 
always need to give Nick Stefanisko a special thank you for the  tremendous 
scoring program he has created for the club. I know to all the other  computer 
experts in the club it may seem like an easy thing but to me it’s a  life 
saver. Also he always handles procuring the par plaques & awards.  Thanks 
Nick. A special  thanks to Cris Wendt for stepping in at the last moment and 
helping with the  start & finish as Keith had a family emergency. To all 
concerned the family  dog that was lost returned home after 8 days. 100s of hours 
were spent looking  for the dog, by friends & family, but it finally 
wondered home on its  own. 
The results are below. Thanks for  running Dave Moen & Keith Anderson 
Beginner: 1st Jim Kamode, Shiva  Oswal 700. 2nd Brad,Tamara, Cale & Boston 
Abrams 680 
Novice: 1st Sonja & Dave  Marwood and Beth & Peter Karpas 710 
Senior: 1st Shelly Chaparro &  Arlene Bell 770 2nd Jon & Quinn Beauchamp 
Expert: 1st Eric Anderson 820  
Master Expert: 1st Andy & Peter  Combs, LeAnn Duong & Alex Mobasher 900. 
2nd Darin & Michelle Mcgrew 860  3rd Steve Hartwell, Dean Stanton &  Clayton
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