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Hi everyone,

Attached are the results from May's rallye, Mayday, Mayday!

Out of the 14 cars in May's rallye, only 2 were novice class or below.
So please tell your friends how much you enjoy gimmick rallyes, and
encourage them to give it a try themselves.

Also, TRC needs rallyemasters, and there is still room in TRC's
Rallyemaster Class. The Rallyemaster Class is today (Saturday, June
14) from 1-4pm. We’ll meet in the classroom at Larry's AutoWorks (our
regular start location, 2526 Leghorn Street near the Mountain View
Costco off 101). The class is free, but please RSVP to me so I know to
print materials for you.
Darin McGrew
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Mayday, Mayday!                      Results                        May 3, 2014

The maximum possible score is 1000

Classes: M = Master Expert, E = Expert, S = Senior,
         N = Novice, B = Beginner, 1 = First Timer

Notes: A = Won Award, T = Won Tie Breaker, P = Protest Affected Score

C   T  P     S
l   e  l     c
a   a  a     o
s   m  c     r
s   #  e     e   Driver                       Navigator

1  13  1AP  720  Lynne Navarro                Emiliano Navarro

N   9  1A   845  Rich Wales                   Karen Wales

S   5  1AP  960  Dave Marwood                 Sonja Marwood
S   2  2AP  935  Eric Anderson (TRC)
S  11  3    890  Heather Mellows
S  14  4    865  Jim Powell                   Maria Powell (TRC)
S  12  5P   815  Jerry Sotirhos               Marilyn Sotirhos (TRC)

E   3  1AP  945  Robin Ziegler (TRC)          Ed Ruben (TRC)
E  10  2AP  930  Lori Heathorn (TRC)          Trevor Heathorn (TRC)

M   1  1AP  980  Steve Hartwell (TRC)         Clayton Castle
                   Passengers: Dean Stanton (TRC), John Kleder
M   6  2AP  965  Dave Moen (TRC)              Jean Talburt (TRC)
M   7  3P   950  Mel Nicholson (TRC)          Aliza Panitz (Weak 1; Strong 2)
M   8  4    925  Dave Graubart (TRC)          Cris Wendt (TRC)
M   4  5P   915  Ted Boet (EDTC)              Jim Davidson (EDTC)

Rallyemaster's Observations:

* As with past questionnaires, some gimmicks were both someone's favorite
  gimmick and someone else's least favorite gimmick. The favorite gimmicks
  were RI 49 (after marking C for option C, do option A) and the Mayday
  Instruction for Vincent remaining in effect. The least favorite gimmicks
  were CP 33 (granted to all cars after protests) and those who missed the
  first instance of Vincent losing points again for the second instance of

* I wrote my third rallye (Mayday, Mayday...) in 2003. The only relation
  between that rallye and this rallye is the theme, which is inspired by
  the similarity between "Mayday" (the distress signal) and "May Day" (the
  spring festival). This was a completely new rallye, with a different
  style (A-B), in different neighborhoods, and with a different
  interpretation of the "Mayday" theme.

* A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this rallye possible:
  - Dean Stanton, TRC's treasurer, who worked registration;
  - Nick and Teresa Stefanisko, our illustrious awards committee; and
  - All of you!

Darin McGrew, Rallyemaster
Michelle McGrew, Assistant Rallyemaster

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