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Ed Slintak ed at csgengr.com
Fri Oct 25 11:44:47 PDT 2013

Thanks to everybody who came out to run our rallye.  Apologies for a couple
of last minute changes that resulted in a couple of errors.  


Thanks to my partner in crime, Ray deBlieck for doing the artwork for the
par plaques and the awards, printing the CMs and the excellent job on the
maps for the critique. Kudos to Nick Stefanisko for getting the par plaques
and awards produced.  Special thanks to Darin and Michelle McGrew along with
Dean Stanton and Steve Hartwell for doing pre-checks.  Everybody got a
chance to meet and interact with Dave Moen and Jean Talbert at the start and
Steve Hartwell at the checkpoint, my thanks to them for volunteering to


Come to the November rallye, "The A-Team Returns AGAIN", with a special
early start time of 11:00AM to 1:00PM.




Top of Form 1

Bottom of Form 1

To: trc-events at therallyeclub.org


Ed Slintak / Ray deBlieck          The Raven



T = Award Issued

* = Tie Broken

P = Score affected by protest

X = TRC Top Score


C  P        S N

l  l        c o

a  a   C    o t

s  c   a    r e

s  e   r    e s    Driver               Navigator            Passenger


B  1  10  680 T    Mike Jenks           Christine Hart

B  2   8  650 T    Steven Carr          Christian CarrSteven_



S  1   1  870 T    Cynthia Reinagel (TRC)Rob French           CJ Smith

S  2   9  850 T    Mariia Dowell                             Heather Mellow

S  3   6  840      Jerry Sotirhos       Daniel Sotirhos

S  4  12  830      Sabrina Ohnemus (TRC)Randy Smith (TRC)    Daisy

S  5  11  830      Shelly Chaparro      Arlene Bell (TRC)


E  1   4  850 T    Robin Ziegler (TRC)  Ed Ruben (TRC)


M  1   3  910 T    Ken Schott (TRC)     Robert Schott (TRC)

M  2   2  900 T    Dave Moen (TRC)      Jean Talbert

M  3   5  820      Mel Nicholson (TRC)  Sabrina Cuddy        Rowan Cuddy,

                                                             Errin Cuddy

M  4   7  790      Clayton Castle (TRC) John Kleder (TRC)








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