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Wed May 1 20:28:53 PDT 2013

We want to thank everyone who ran the rally. Again we wrote a  rallye that 
was much harder than we thought. Keith and I would like to  thank Steve 
Watt, Nancy Hanna, Anita Hollister, Nick and Teresa Stefanisko and  Jon & Quinn 
Beauchamp for pre checking. A special thanks to my wife Jean  for pre 
checking and working the check point and finish with me. She also  gets a big 
thank you for putting up with all the cussing and swearing associated  with 
gimmick falling apart, computers locking up and of course the inevitable  
printer ink outage that happens at the worst time. I also need to thank my son  
Kris and his girlfriend Jena for working the check point with Jean. From  the 
rallye evaluation forms it looked like most of you had fun and were  
challenged but there were some definite areas we need to work on, namely pitch  
black streets. 
     Thanks again Dave & Keith

T = Award Issued
* = Tie Broken
P = Score affected by  protest
X = TRC Top Score

C   P        S N
l   l        c o
a  a    C    o t
s  c   a    r  e
s  e   r    e s     Driver                Navigator             Passenger
F   1  15  630 T    Linda  Kamas          Alan  Kamas            Elena,

B  1  12  700 T    Mike Jenks  (TRC)     Chris  Hart                        
B  2  14  695 T    Herb  Fockler         Justin St.  Loubert                

N  1  10  760 T    Robert  Coleman       Jennny  Wanla                      
N  2  13  680 T    Christine  Rogers     Mark  Rogers          Felix  

S   1   1  800 T    Ed Slintak  (TRC)                                       
S  2   5  790 T    Brian  McMillan       James  McMillan                    
S  3  16  780      Shelly  Chaparro      Arlene Bell  (TRC)                 
S  4   6  750      Robert  French        Cynthia Reinagel  (TRC)            
S  5   3  740      Robin  Ziegler (TRC)  Ed Ruben  (TRC)                    

E  1   9  820 T    Trevor Graham  (TRC)  Kim Graham  (TRC)                  
E  2  11  740 T    Jeffrey Martin (TRC)  Guillermo  Calica                  
E  3   7  695      Lloyd  Hill                                              

M  1   8  860 T  X Darin McGrew  (TRC)   Michelle McGrew  (TRC)             
M  2   2  850      Eric Sultan  (TRC)    Clayton Castle (TRC) Dean 
Stanton/Steve  Hartwell
M  3   4  810      Bill  Jonesi (TRC)    John Kleder  (TRC)                 

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