[TRC-Events] Groundhog Day rallye results

Dave Graubart dave.graubart at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 17:35:14 PST 2013

Groundhog Day             Official Results                     2013-02-02



T = Award Issued

* = Tie Broken

P = Score affected by protest

X = TRC Top Score


C  P        S N

l  l        c o

a  a   C    o t

s  c   a    r e

s  e   r    e s    Driver               Navigator            Passenger


B  1  18  710 T    Mike Jenks (TRC)     Chris Hart


N  1   3  865 T    Robin Ziegler (TRC)  Ed Ruben

N  2  16  820 T P  Taylor Vance         Sonja Marwood        Dave Marwood

N  3   8  770 T    Jeff Martinov (NAGS) Jeremy Ho (NAGS)

N  4  17  720      Norm Jenks           Nellie Jenks


S  1  14  820 T    Jon Beauchamp (TRC)  Quinn Beachamp (TRC)

S  2   5  815 T    Ray deBlieck (TRC)   Ed Slindak (TRC)

S  3  15  760      Shelly Chaparro      Arlene Bell (TRC)


E  1  13  885 T    Jeffrey Martin (TRC) Tyson Baker

E  2  12  830 T    Lori Heathorn (TRC)  Trevor Heathorn

E  3   4  755      Steve Crounse (TRC)  Karen Queally


M  1   2  930 T PX Bill Jonesi (TRC)    John Kleder (TRC)

M  2   9  921   P  Darin McGrew (TRC)   Michelle McGrew (TRC)Woof!

M  3  10  905      Dave Moen (TRC)      Jean Talburt (TRC)

M  4  11  895   P  Ken Schott (TRC)     Robert Schott (TRC)

M  5   7  895      Andrew Combs (TRC)   Peter Combs (TRC)    Kelsey

M  6   1  880   P  Steve Hartwell (TRC) Clayton Castle (TRC) Dean Stanton

M  7   6  865      Ted Boet (EDTC)      Jim Davidson (EDTC)


Many thanks to precheckers Abby Grossman and Larry Friedrich and to

workers Abby, Larry, Glenn Dayton, Adam, Rona, and Cheryl Graubart.


A big thanks to Nick Stefanisko for participation plaque and awards creation

and to Dean Stanton for registration.


And whether or not you saw your shadow, we thank you for coming out to

run Groundhog Day.


And, be sure to run next month's event on March 2,  Spring Training VI, an



- Dave Graubart and Cris Wendt

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