[TRC-Events] [SPAM SCORE:5] Fu-Fu Head Prelims are posted

Teresa Stefanisko teresa at stefanisko.net
Thu Mar 1 06:06:18 PST 2012

Psst.. Hi all this is the Good Fairy.  I'm hoping to get this email off to
you before FuFu Head catches me.  She has really been in a mood lately.  To
help all of you out with Saturday's event I've posted some preliminary
instructions.  I was even able to get all the RIs from FuFu Head and post
those as well.

Wait I think I hear her coming.. Got to go.  Hope to see you Saturday and

Also if you haven't signed up for the TRC Twitter account you should.  This
will be used by Rallyemasters the night of the rallye to let rallyeists know
if a marker is down or if something else like a funeral has interrupted our
course.  It won't replace you being able to call the RM but it will allow
you to get the information as soon as the RM knows what's happening and you
won't have to sit on hold or keep calling back because they are on another
line with another car.  If you have already requested to follow The Rallye
Club all request received by 6am today have already been approved you just
need to go back to your account and enable mobile notification.  We will be
approving requests again at 8am Friday and a test Tweet will be sent about
7pm so everyone can make sure they are receiving the Tweets.

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