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October's Monster Mash 2007 had 24 cars and raised a total of $465, all 
donated to The Brest Cancer 3-Day!
Thanks to all who participated, and apologies for slow scoring on rallye 
Results of corrections & protests:
*  Since T26's BOO was not changed (to merely U) when T26 was moved at the 
eleventh hour,
   P3 was worth 0 points (rather than -10 as the critique said).
*  Several Coursemarkers were down: EE3 (granted to all who got CC2), DD13 
(granted to all), B12.
   TRC's wiki _www.TheRallyeClub.org/wiki/Coursemarker_Guidelines_ 
(http://www.TheRallyeClub.org/wiki/Coursemarker_Guidelines)  now discusses concrete 

*  Y6 granted to all cars.  The GI's sentence under SIGNS about "all words 
following 'at'"
    was limited to an FI (for concern about use in SIs); this broke the MASH 
*  Tiebreaker 3: "Yield to bikes" sign was at FI 5 (as well as FI 20, 
Traverse B).
Scoring changes: One scoresheet was entered incorrectly, and the protest for 
EE3 was handled
incorrectly on rallye night.  This resulted in rallye night declarations of 
awards that differ from these
final results (which will be used for TRC's 2007 Championship series).  
Anyone who wants their
correct pin should contact aTRC board member (and return any incorrect pin 
you have).  We may
need to order more pins, but we will try to get you your well-earned award.

Monster Mash Final Results                                  2007-10-06

A = Award changed since rallye night

T = Award correct on rallye night

* = Tie Broken

P = Score affected by protest

X = TRC Top Score

C  P        S N

l  l        c o

a  a   C    o t

s  c   a    r e

s  e   r    e s    Driver               Navigator            Passenger


F  1   6  725 T P  Jennifer Yang        Mary Wong            Theresa Pascual,

                                                             Helen Wong,

                                                             Mary Wong

F  2  12  660 T P  Chris Pita           Krystle Rodriguez                     

B  1  13  855 T P  Chris Davidson (MV)  Steve Chounse (MV)                    

B  2  15  800 T*P  Jeff Deem (TRC)      Lola Deem                             

B  3  20  800 T P  David Sanchez        Alice Sanchez                         

B  4   9  760   P  Jeffrey Martin (TRC) Branden Just                          

B  5   8  630   P  Nicer Rodriguez      Cyle Rodriguez                        

N  1  19  870 A P  Gene Hysner          Anita Hollister (TRC)                 

N  2  17  855 A P  Ray de Blieck (TRC)  Ed Slintak (TRC)                      

N  3  10  855 A    Nicola Coleman       Richard Coleman                       

N  4  24  850      Geri Weitzman        Donald Jaramillo                      

N  5  21  720   P  Chuck Rowland        Dawn Rowland (TRC)   Jeremy Rowland,

                                                             Karina Rodriguez 

S  1  14  910 T P  David Thistlethwaite (TRC)Carol Thistlethwaite             

S  2   5  840 T P  Neal Kinney (TRC)    Gary Watson (TRC)    Carolyn Kinney   

S  3  18  825   P  Bob Cunningham (TRC) Christy Thomas       Josh Thomas      

E  1  16  930 A*P  Jim Davidson (El Dorado Touring Club)
                                        Ted Boet (El Dorado Touring Club)
                                                             Tom Bomben,

                                                             Jim Moore,

                                                             Ted Rios

E  2   1  930 A P  Jenny Stave          Wayne Stilwell (TRC)                  

E  3  22  920  *P  Trevor Graham (TRC)  Kim Graham                            

E  4   7  920   P  Julee Montes (TRC)   Dale Allison (TRC)                    

E  5   4  910   P  Kenn Schott (TRC)    Robert Schott (TRC)                   

E  6  23  890      Gregory Wong (TRC)   Karen Cate (TRC)                      

M  1  11  970 A  X Darin McGrew (TRC)   Michelle McGrew (TRC)                 

M  2   3  940   P  John Mirassou (TRC)  Sandra Powers (TRC)                   

M  3   2  920   P                                                             

Favorite Gimmicks (with their number of votes from tiebreaker answers):
    Octothorpe (#) Monster (3)
    Definition of Intersection, TT27 (3)
    # instruction hidden in SUPP 20 (2)
    Alien (2)
The critique (Answer Key) had an error that explained why hand scoring by 
several teams differed
from the correct computer scoring: To total 1000 points, entering the CP is 
worth 580 points, not
600 as the critique said.  The critique was also unclear in several places, 
including use of the word
"it" in description of CP3; it should say "the phrase" in place of "it".

Computer-produced statistics are attached.  For example, the top line says CM 
"B 12" was

found by 1 of 2 first timers, 3 of 5 Beginners, 5 of 6 Experts, and 100% of 
the other classes.
That's 83% (20 of all 24 cars) overall.
Hope to see you at Deal or No Deal this Saturday.
-- Rallyemaster Dean Stanton, _oct07 at TheRallyeClub.org_ 
(mailto:oct07 at TheRallyeClub.org) 

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