[TRC-Events] Prelims for Amazing Rallye are now available

Teresa Stefanisko teresa at stefanisko.net
Fri Jun 29 23:57:41 PDT 2007

The preliminary GIs for The Amazing Rallye are now available at

Date: July 7th
Remember the start for this rallye will open at 4pm and closes at 6pm, this
is an hour earlier than normal.
Cost is $15 for members & $20 for non-members
Start is at Larry's Autoworks in Mountain View
Finish will be at Jake's of Sunnyvale

Extra reading that will help on the rallye, this is a big hint as to some
gimmicks that will be on the rallye.  If I was you I would follow the link.

Our team has been hard at work developing challenging CP games for you, I
think I even heard mention of Legos and I was told not to forget the ice.
Hopefully I will see everyone at the rallye.

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