[TRC-Events] Survivor Prelims now available

Teresa Stefanisko teresa at stefanisko.net
Sun Feb 25 17:26:40 PST 2007

On March 3, 2007 is Survivor Silicon Valley!  Come take a drive through
Mountain View and see if you can Out Navigate, Out Drive and Out Score
everyone to be awarded the 1,000,000 points.      This is the rallye of the
hidden Notes so come try your hand at finding them all.

You can get more information about the rallye from the flyer at:

The Preliminary GIs for Survivor are now available at:

Remember this is the Membership rallye.  If you become a member at this
rallye you will get to run the rallye for FREE!  Members will also be
receiving other special items during this year, including a limited edition
TRC backpack and members are the only ones eligible for the Championship.

Do you know how parallel signs work?  A helpful tutorial can be found at:

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