[TRC-Events] Upcoming car rallyes in Cal.

Bill Jonesi jonesi at pcmagic.net
Fri Apr 21 17:41:06 PDT 2006

What:  "MarqueMadness" The second "All Clubs" Sports Car Festival
       in conjunction with the U.S. Sports Car Invitational race at
       Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
       Featuring "MonteMadness" Monte Carlo Rallye, on Friday
       "FotoFun" Photo Gimmick Rallye on Saturday

When:  Thursday, May 4th-Sunday, May 7th

Where: Monterey area and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

More Information:   Terry Geiser    
      Email:        terry at marquemadness.com  
      web site:     http://www.marquemadness.com/
More Information on Rallyes: BILL JONESI - jonesi at pcmagic.net


What:  TRC presents "Coursemarker Gimmick Rallye Class"

When:  Saturday, May 6th, 1-4 PM.
Where: Start location: 2526 Leghorn St.
       near San Antonio Rd. in Mt. View.
Entry: Free, but limited to first 24 persons!
More Information and RSVP to:
       Rallye Instructor:  DARIN McGREW - (650) 964-7973        
       Email:        mcgrew at stanfordalumni.org
       web site:     http://www.therallyeclub.org

Preliminary General Instructions posted soon.

What:  The Rallye Club presents "Rallye: Impossible: III"
       Coursemarker style gimmick car rallye.

When:  Saturday, May 6th, 5-7 PM, Finish by 10:00
       There will be a rallye school at 6 PM for
       all first timers & beginners
Where: Start location: Larry's Autoworks 2526 Leghorn St.
       near San Antonio Rd. in Mt. View.

Entry: $20 per car/$15 for TRC members.
       You can enter online via PayPal, too!

Classes: Awards in 6 classes: First Timer, Beginner,
       Novice, Senior, Expert and Master Expert class.

More Information:
       Rallyemaster: Bill Jonesi
       Rallyechair:  CRIS WENDT (408) 253-4177  
       Email:        ckwendt at yahoo.com
       web site:     http://www.therallyeclub.org


What:  Santa Monica Sports Car Club presents "First Friday Niter"
       TSD style car rallye.

When:  Friday, May 5th, 7-8 PM, First car out 8:01
Where: Start location: Behind Bank of America Sepulveda & Devonshire
       in Mission Hills (near I 405 & CA 118)

Entry: $10 per car

Classes: Awards in 4 classes. Beginner, SOP, JR NAV, & Expert.

More Information: JEANNE ENGLISH - (310) 372-7168
       Email:     ean21 at juno.com
       web site:  http://www.smscc.org/

Still in April...

What:  PCA Santa Barbara Region presents "El Camino Real XXIII"
       TSD style timed car rallye.

When:  Saturday, Apr 29th, 8:30-9:30 AM, FCO 9:31 and run about 4 hours
Where: Start location: Sear's upper parking lot in La Cumbre Plaza 
       US 101 at Hope Ave in Santa Barbara.

Entry: $25 per car/$20 for prereg by 4/22.

Classes: Awards in 5 classes: Novice, Tour, SOP, Nav & Expert.

More Information:
       Rallyemaster: JOE BOUCHER (805) 931-0990           
       Email:        joerally at aol.com   
       web site:     http://www.pcasb.org/


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