[TRC-Events] A Series of Unfortunate Events results

Bill Jonesi jonesi at pcmagic.net
Mon Sep 5 20:13:31 PDT 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events			Results			09/03/05
Classes:  M = Master Expert, E = Expert S = Senior/Expert, N = Novice, B
= Beginner, 1 = 1st Timer
Place:    T = Trophied, t = Won tie breaker  * = Highest score by a
member of a NCSCC club

C    	P	S
l   C	l	c
a   a	a	o
s   r	c	r
s   #	e	e    Driver			Navigator		Passengers
M 15	1T	970  Dave Graubart TRC	Cris Wendt TRC
M  4	2	960  Brian Underwood TRC	Beth Riggs TRC		Adam Riggs TRC, James
M  7	3	955  Jeff Trimble Fiat America	solo
M 13	4	945  John Mirassou TRC	Sandra Powers
M  1	5	940  Don Bess TRC		Rochelle Bess TRC
M 19	6	910  Darin McGrew TRC	Michelle McGrew TRC	& Woof!

E  6	1T*	970  Steve Watt TRC		Nancy Hanna TRC
E  5	2T	895  Nick Stefanisko TRC	Teresa Stefanisko TRC	& Zak

S 12	1T	890  David Moen TRC		Keith Anderson TRC	& Cory Anderson,
Michelle Brandau
S  3	2T	880  Jenny Stave		Wayne Stilwell TRC
S  8	3	850  Brian McMillan MC5	Chris McMillan MC5	& Brad DeBattista
S  9	4	840  Jerry Sotirhos TRC	Penny Martell		& Daniel & Marilyn
Sotirhos TRC
S 16	5	830  Cynthia Reinagel TRC 	Nathaniel Colangelo	& Josiah & Rebekah
Reinagel TRC
S 22	6	825  Rolf Klibo			Dean Stanton TRC
S 18	7	800  Kevin Lewis		solo
S 23	8	770  Trevor Graham TRC	Kim Graham

N 11	1T	850  Doris Fung TRC		Mike Hsu TRC
N 17	2T	825  Cyndel Podich TRC	Dave Fladlien TRC	& Kristine Podich
N 10	3T	800  Kim Anderson TRC	Jean Talburt TRC	& Cole
N  2	4	755  David Thistlethwaite TRC	Carol Thistlethwaite TRC
N 20	5	745  Tom Parker		Leila Marwell
N 14	6	740  Michael Walling TRC	Charity Jelincic		& Marcos Ybarra
N 26	7	730  Silas Reinagel		Michael Alonso

B 21	1T	790  Mike Murphy TRC		Heather Murphy	& Erica Chow
B 25	2Tt	710  Kevin Fox			Rachel Fisher		& Athena Lendvay
B 24	3T	710  Tam Su			Elizabeth Ryan

The maximum possible score was 1000.
CP 9 was discarded for all cars by the protest committee. Q 45 & BB 33
were granted by the rallyemaster to protesting cars, (due to using
President's First name). Protests  on CP 6, CP 10, B 34, TT 27, LL 33, K
29, & P 23 were not granted by the Protest Committee.
Thanks to:, Bill Jonesi, Karen Cate, Kimberley Massingale for working
the checkpoint.
My Precheckers were: Gary Watson, Neal Kinney, Carolyn Kinney, Karen
Cate, Greg Wong & Bill Jonesi
And thank you all for running, and we hope you enjoyed it.
Ric Goldman RallyeMaster

The most missed gimmicks were: LL 33 (for doing 24 part C), only two
cars recorded it. Three cars knew not to enter the second CP on Meadow
(but stopped to say hello anyway.;-) Four cars got TT 27 the harder part
of the Aristotle at E Meadow, E 35 can't DRI when there are no more RI
left. A couple of observations from The Generic Rallye twenty years ago
that this rallye was based on: The RI 1/RI 2 at the same intersection
(Aristotle) was missed, President Wilson was missed, but the event
chairman thought Hamilton was a President.


What: Fiat Americe & SCCA-SFR presents "Targa Time"
      Pan Am style timed car rallye

When: Saturday, Sept. 10th, Reg. 9-10 am
      There will be a rallye school from 10
      First car out 10:31

Where: Start location: Woodside plaza shopping center Woodside Dr
      at Massachusetts Dr in Redwood City CA

Entry: $20 per car

Classes: Awards in 3 classes: Expert, Novice and Beginner.

More Information: Rallyemaster: JEFF TRIMBLE - (650) 703-5105
       Email: 2752delaware at sbcglobal.net
       web site: http://www.fiatamerica.com/ or http://www.sfrscca.org


What: Sacramento Valley Region PCA presents "Carrera De Sierra XXVIII"
      Time & Distance style car rallye

When: Saturday, Sept 24th, Reg. 9-10 AM, First car out 10:01
      Finish mid afternoon in Moraga

Where: Corrected Start location: Orinda Ca

Classes: Awards in 4 classes: Expert Equipped & Unequipped,
       Novice and Beginner.

More Information: Rallyemaster: Al Armellini
      Phone: 925-858-8344
      Email: sysnake at comcast.net
      web site: http://www.DerPorsche.net


What:  The Rallye Club presents "Monster Mash 2005"
       Coursemarker style gimmick car rallye. eleventh event in TRC's
       25th year Championship, see web site for details!

When:  Saturday, Oct 1st, 5-7 PM, Finish by 10:00
       There will be a rallye school at 6 PM for
       all first timers & beginners
Where: Start location: Larry's Autoworks 2526 Leghorn St.
       near San Antonio Rd. in Mt. View.
Entry: $20 per car/$15 for TRC members
Classes: Awards in 6 classes: First Timer, Beginner,
       Novice, Senior, Expert and Master Expert.

More Information:
       Rallyemaster: JOHN MIRASSOU - (831)429-9769	      
       Email:        seagull at well.com
       web site:     http://www.therallyeclub.org
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