[TRC-Events] The Membership Rallye is coming!

Steve Watt steve at Watt.COM
Sun Jan 30 23:49:46 PST 2005

The next rallye, "TRC Begins Year 25!" is also the annual membership
rallye.  If you join or renew your membership ($20 for a single
membership, $25 for an associate membership) in January or February,
you can run the rallye for free!

To save yourself and the registration desk some time, if you
are joining or renewing, please bring a filled-out copy of the
membership application, which is available on the TRC web site at

Hope to see you there!

Steve Watt
Registrar, Treasurer

Steve Watt KD6GGD  PP-ASEL-IA          ICBM: 121W 56' 57.8" / 37N 20' 14.9"
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   Free time?  There's no such thing.  It just comes in varying prices...

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