[TRC-Events] TRCs 300th car rallye on March 5th!

Bill Jonesi jonesi at pcmagic.net
Thu Feb 24 18:39:26 PST 2005

Preliminary GIs up now at:

What:  The Rallye Club presents it's 300th rallye "The Prisoner"
       Coursemarker style gimmick car rallye. Third event in TRCs 25th
       year Championship, see web site for details!

When:  Saturday, March 5th, 5-7 PM, Finish by 10:00.
       There will be a rallye school at 6 PM for
       all first timers & beginners
Where: Start location: Larry's Autoworks 2526 Leghorn St.
       near San Antonio Rd. in Mt. View CA.
Entry: $20 per car/$15 for TRC members.
       You can enter online via PayPal, too!
Classes: Awards in 6 classes: First Timer, Beginner,
       Novice, Senior, Expert and Master Expert.
More Information:
       Rallyemaster: KEN SCHOTT  (510) 656-6807
       Email:        kenschott at comcast.net
       web site:     http://www.therallyeclub.org


What: PCA-SVR presents four event TSD rallye school program

When: RS #1 - Saturday, Feb. 26th - Getting Started (w/ short practice
      RS #2 - Saturday, Mar. 12th - Timing (followed by J Toney's
      RS #3 - Saturday, Apr. 9th  - Following Course (w/ short A-B
      RS $4 - Sunday,   Apr. 24th - Advanced Course (followed by Pro-Am
event) (The Pro-Am event will rerun a past event with the students
driving and
experienced ralliests as navigators. So Keith will need lots of

Where: IPB Autosport 1206 C St Sacramento CA - 9:30AM-12:00?

Entry: $5 per person, per event

More Information: Rallye Instructor: KEITH McMAHAN - KeithMcM at aol.com
       web site: http://www.DerPorsche.net/
              or http://www.therallyeclub.org

What: PCA - Sacramento Valley Region presents "River Road"
      Time Speed Distance style car rallye
      Second event in PCA Zone 7 Rallye series.

When: Saturday, March 12th, Reg. 12-1 PM
      First car out 1:01 PM

Where: Start location: IPB Autosport 1206 C St Sacramento CA
       Finish about 3 hours later in Woodland CA

Entry: $12 per car

More Information: RIK LARSON (916) 481-6084
       Email: sysnake at comcast.net
       web site: http://www.DerPorsche.net/


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