[TRC-Events] N Cal Rallyes in May

Bill Jonesi jonesi at pcmagic.net
Wed Apr 13 13:34:04 PDT 2005

What:  The Rallye Club presents "Alice's Adventures in Rallyeland"
       Coursemarker style gimmick car rallye. Fifth event in TRCs
       25th year Championship, see web site for details!

When:  Saturday, May 7th, 5-7 PM, Finish by 10:00.
       There will be a rallye school at 6 PM for
       all first timers & beginners
Where: Start location: Larry's Autoworks 2526 Leghorn St.
       near San Antonio Rd. in Mt. View CA.
Entry: $20 per car/$15 for TRC members.
       You can enter online via PayPal, too!
Classes: Awards in 6 classes: First Timer, Beginner,
       Novice, Senior, Expert and Master Expert.
More Information:
       Rallyemaster: BOB SCHOTT (530) 676-8921  
       Email:        Robert_Schott at dot.ca.gov
       web site:     http://www.therallyeclub.org


What: Sacramento Valley Region PCA presents "Spring Flowers 2005"
      Simple Time & Distance style car rallye

When: Saturday, May 14th, Reg. 8:30-10 AM, First car out 11:01
      Finish about 2 PM

Where: Start location: Black Oak Restaurant, Vacaville
       (South side of I-80 at I-505, next to ARCO.) 

Classes: Awards in 5 classes: First Timer, Beginner,
       Novice, Expert Unequipped and Expert Equipped.

More Information: Rallyemaster: Phillip Marks
      Phone: 925-935-6077   Email: Goosemarks at astound.net
      web site: http://www.DerPorsche.net

Still in April:

What: PCA-SVR presents four event TSD rallye school program

RS #4 - Sunday,   Apr. 24th - Advanced Course (followed by Pro-Am
event) (The Pro-Am event will rerun a past event with the students
driving and experienced ralliests as navigators. So Keith will need lots
of volunteers.)

Where: IPB Autosport 1206 C St. Sacramento CA - 9:30AM-12:00?

Entry: $5 per person, per event

More Information: Rallye Instructor: KEITH McMAHAN - KeithMcM at aol.com
       web site: http://www.DerPorsche.net/
              or http://www.therallyeclub.org

What:  "MarqueMadness" The first "All Clubs" Sports Car Festival
       in conjunction with the U.S. Sports Car Invitational race at
       Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Featuring "MonteMadness" Monte Carlo
       Rallye, "FotoFun" Photo Gimmick Rallye, Autocross & Concours.

When:  Thursday, April 28th-Sunday, May 1st.

Where: Monterey area and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

More Information:   DAVID RAY (925) 838-9120    
      Email:        derlgr at pacbell.net     
      web site:     http://www.marquemadness.com/
More Information on Rallyes: BILL JONESI jonesi at pcmagic.net


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